SSD Fresh to Optimize Windows Settings for Your SSD Hard Drive


SSD drive is fast but could have a much shorter life if used improperly. Windows 7 is the first Windows system that’s optimized for SSD out of the box. You probably don’t need to worry or change anything when you plug in a SSD into a Windows 7 machine, though there is still room for optimization. But, if you are planning on using a SSD on any of previous Windows, there are number of settings you need to check to make sure none of them are going to wear your SSD down.

SSD Fresh is a free hard drive disk aiming for optimize your Windows to better maintain your SSD drive. It’s a very simple tool that checks your current settings and suggests whether there is any room for improvement.

SSD Fresh screenshot  1 thumb - SSD Fresh to Optimize Windows Settings for Your SSD Hard Drive

The overview tab gives you a glimpse of the hard drives you have installed on your computer. The missing piece is that it doesn’t tell you whether the specified hard drive is SSD or not, considering the main purpose of this utility is aiming for optimizing the SSDs.

SSD Fresh screenshot  2 thumb - SSD Fresh to Optimize Windows Settings for Your SSD Hard Drive

The Optimization tab is where you need to focus on. It lists a number of settings in your Windows that need to be checked and optimized. The items with Question mark are questionable for optimization, meaning OK to leave it as it is. The items with Green Check mark are the ones that have been done optimization, obviously. And those items with Red Exclamation mark definitely need to be checked triple times to make sure if they are absolutely necessary leave it activated. You can simply click the Optimize button to optimize all settings listed in the tool.

SSD Fresh is free but requires a code to unlock the program. You can get the free code by offering your own email address. Fair enough to me. Also, if you like the tool and think it helps you greatly in any way, you may consider making a small tip to support their development work.

We’ve also covered another cool SSD utility called SSDLife that measures how healthy your SSD is and even tells you when your SSD is going to die. Don’t forget to check it out.


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