Start8 to Bring Back Windows Start Menu Along With Booting Directly to Desktop in Windows 8


We have covered some tips and tricks on how to bring back Windows Start Menu on Windows 8, and bypass the Start Screen to boot directly to the desktop. But here comes a tool called Start8 that makes all these changes deadly simple. And it’s free, though with a sacrifice of offering up your email address, but it’s worthy it.

Start8 Screenshot

The features Start8 provides include:

  • Add a metro-style type of Start Menu to the Windows 8 Taskbar on desktop
  • Enables quick access and searching of your installed applications
  • Adds Run… option via right-click menu (one of my favorite)
  • Adds Shutdown… option via right-click menu
  • Choose a custom Start Menu orb image.

It asks whether you want to boot directly to desktop or not right after the installation but you can alter the option later on through right-click start menu.

Start8 Automatically go to desktop dialog

There are also a number of options you can alter how the start menu displays on your desktop. You can switch on the full size of Start Screen, instead of the start menu, if you want. You can also enable the Win Key to show the full screen menu as well as choosing the non full screen sizes from 4 options.

Start8 Start Menu Option



  1. aw, now…I think 8 might be something I would be willing to try, providing this program stays free….looks great so far! Keep it up! Hell, I’d even be willing to accept ads inside apps, be it Start8 showing ads or whatever….(don’t let it soak in too deep, devs, I’m willing to put up with maybe one, but anything after that becomes obtrusive and obnoxious). Just my .02

  2. in windows 8 you dont need the magnifying glass.. it works exactly the same as windows 7… press the windows key… start typing whatever you want to find… down arrow to a specific program (if needed) … if you’re already on the start screen.. just start typing. if you have a keyboard it’s super fast… if you dont.. the tiles are fast too. mouse scroll wheel…. click.. or page up/down .. click. I dont understand why its so hard for some people. I had no idea because of all the hype.. then I installed it…


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