Synaptics Demos the Multi-Touch TrackPad Experience on Windows 8


Synaptics, a company behind the multi-touch based TouchPad, lately demonstrated its latest Series 7 ClearPad and ClickPad solutions that is targeted for Windows 8 system. The new sensing technology enhances the Windows 8 Platform by providing full-time tracking of up to 10 fingers simultaneously when used with a recommended 100x56mm ClickPad. That’s pretty much the maximum you can and need to sense, unless the future needs that involves the toes to be used to interact with our computers. Impressive.

Mark Vena, Secnior Vice President and General Manager of Synaptic’s PC division said:

The time for PC OEMs to design for Windows 8 with touch has arrived.  Synaptics is excited to deliver on the promise of advanced touchscreen and innovative TouchPad technology, which will play an important role in how users interact with their Windows 8 PCs and tablets. We’re especially enthusiastic about new product concepts like Intel’s thin and light Ultrabook which will take special advantage of Synaptics’ technology.

To me, a touch screen isn’t necessary to fully take advantage of Windows 8. This multi-TouchPad works even better.


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