Sync Time Zones with Additional Clocks in Windows 7 [Feature]


I am from China, in where most of people don’t know what the time zone is because there is only one time zone that is called Beijing Time. It took me a while to get used to the time zone differences in Canada. And I always wished that Windows can provide the time difference in an easy way that doesn’t require to install a 3rd party application.

Now, I can easily do so with the new Additional Clock feature that was first introduced in Vista. To access:

First, open Date and Time window from Control Panel.


Click Additional clocks tab at the top next to Date and Time.


In where, you can add two more clocks to your taskbar time. In this case, I set the first additional clock to Eastern Time in Canada, and the second one to Beijing time, both are ticked to Show this clock.

Click OK to take the changes effect.

From now on, you will see two more additional times popping up when you move your mouse over the taskbar clock. You will also see total three clocks pointing to different time when you click the taskbar clock.



And yes, it’s 2:22am in the morning, and I am still awake typing…




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