Synchronize Your Clipboard Between Windows and Mac with CloudClip


We’ve shared quite a bit of tips tricks about the Windows Clipboard, the core place for our favorite friend, copy & paste, such as how to empty your clipboard, how to manage your clipboard, and 6 useful clipboard tips. But we never shared a way to synchronize our clipboard between multiple computers across different platforms. Heck, we never thought about putting the clipboard to the cloud and synchronizing them like Dropbox.

CloudClip is a cloud based clipboard sync tool that puts your clipboard history to the cloud and synchronize them across multiple computers you have. Currently, it supports both Windows and Mac OS X. The Linux, and mobile versions including supporting to iOS and Android are in the work.

It’s completely free to use, though a premium version with additional features may be introduced in the future. It’s also portable that doesn’t require an installation process. You can simple download it from their website and launch the executable file to start using it.

Upon the first use, you will need to register an account with CloudClip first through the program. The registration is required and all it needs is your email address with an password. Since there is no confirmation process in place, be sure you typed in the right address and password.

CloudClip login window - Synchronize Your Clipboard Between Windows and Mac with CloudClip

If you have registered an account, you can put in to log in. You will use the same login info on other computers to access the same Clipboard history through CloudClip.

CloudClip clip history - Synchronize Your Clipboard Between Windows and Mac with CloudClip

From now on, every Ctrl+C/Copy command you did will have an entry recorded in the CloudClip Clips tab history. All clips are time stamped and listed in chronological order. You can double-click the item to copy any one of them and re-use them. You can also right-click any of them to delete them if you don’t need them there.

Currently, CloudClip only sync’s text content. Images and files are not supported due to their size.

The Verdict

Putting the clipboard on to the cloud is a pretty cool idea. CloudClip accomplishes it in a fairly easy way that takes the great advantage of cloud computing to sync and share a very basic thing we do every day, copy & paste.

Download CloudClip here


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