The History of Email [Infograph] and its 30th Anniversary


Email officially turns to 30 years old today on August 30, 2011, entering into its middle age as a matured “adult”. Its father, V. A. Shiva, has revealed its birth certificate issued by Copyright registration, clearly stating that Email was born on August 30th, 1982, on his website.


Shiva also posted an article sharing the details inventing the email with an infograph that visualize the history of the email and growth of email accounts, 3.1 billion in 2011.


The email is one of the most important inventions since the birth of Internet. It’s hard to imagine how people would communicate in the Internet era without it. You might say what about the social media, the rapidly rising phenomenal. But let’s hear what’s Shiva’s take.

When asked about the future of email, Shiva thinks it’s here to stay, regardless of the rise of social media and text messaging. “I think email has a very particular purpose and I think it’s going to grow in that…Web mail might decline but devices will still access people’s email communications. Facebook may do some integrated email but fundamentally it will be email. – via TheNextWeb

Ironically, even as Zuckerburg declares as some trade journals said, “EMAIL IS DEAD”, he is launching @Facebook as a direct challenge to GMail. He says it will have EMAIL in it, along with other types of “messaging.” Facebook produces billions of EMAIL messages everyday.”

Yes, to me, email still occupies at least half of my life. I just can’t imagine what the life would look like if no one sends me the emails. So again, happy birthday, my beloved Email.




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