Tips on Toggling Through Windows or Programs in Windows 7


Here are a few ways that you can use to switch programs back and forth, depending on the situation.

Alt+Tab: toggling through the active Windows


It also previews the program while you Alt-Tab through the programs.

Win+Tab: toggling through the active Windows in 3D


What about switching across Windows that belongs to one application?

Assume you have 5 word documents open, what’s the easiest way toggling through them?

You can quickly do so by simply holding down the Ctrl key and repeatedly clicking on the sign Word icon on the task bar. Yes, it’s a lot easier finding the target Window.

Doing the same method on Internet Explorer will actually toggle through all tabs in IE, if there are multiple tabs opened in one Window.

What about switching tabs in tab-based web browser?

You may have already known this, use Ctrl+Tab.

Last, what about switching programs that are on taskbar?

Win+T will actually do the trick. Here is how:

Press Win+T to move the focus to the taskbar first, and then use the arrow keys to select a particular window or group and hit Enter to either launch  or activate it. And pressing ESC key to cancel the mode.

That’s it. Happy toggling.



  1. One more method for switching to apps on the taskbar (or switching between windows of the same app) in Windows 7:

    Win + #. If an app that is docked to the taskbar is not open, Win + the corresponding number (leftmost being 1) will open that app. If the app is open already, it will switch to that app. If the app has multiple windows open (like 5 Word docs), it will cycle through them.

    This is my second-most used method of switching windows in 7 (next to Alt+Tab), and my preferred method when I have a lot of windows open.


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