Track 8 Brings Native Metro UI Music App to Your iPhone


Just in time before Apple’s annual WWDC conference, how about a Metro UI iOS app to lighten up your day ? Track 8, is a Windows Phone 7 Metro Style music player app for your iOS. If you are a fan of Windows Phone but doesn’t have the luxury to afford another handset this is a great way to experience the Windows Phone 7 UX on your iOS device. Although, this is only limited to the Application itself, but you will get the idea how a Metro style app works on a mobile device.

Track 8 mimic  the core UI element as well as the core animation from Windows Phone 7. That said, this is not a free app, but is still inexpensive ($1.99) for an elegant well designed app to give your music player on your iOS device a new life.


Just like how you can change the light and dark theme on Windows Phone 7, you can also tweak however you want with this app. There are two theme for backgrounds, and tons of colour to choose from.


The only thing that lacks from the main control panel is the lack of on screen volume adjustment, which seems you can only done by pressing the volume button.

Give Track 8 a try, if you are interested in explore more about Windows Phone 7. You will simply love the simplicity.



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