UltraHide Hides Any Active Window Into the System Tray with A Quick Hotkey


UltraHide, as its name implies, is a free application that hides any of active windows on your computer into the system tray down the bottom right corner of your screen. Not only that, the tool also puts a password onto those hided window to prevent them from being opened by anyone else.

After you have the tool installed on your computer, simply launch it and click on the “Hide UltraHide To The Tray” button to hide the program itself into the system tray.


As you may have already noticed, simply press Ctrl+Alt+Space to quickly hide the active window you are working on into the system tray. From the screenshot below, did you notice that I had Google Chrome browser hidden?


To bring it back, just double click on it from system tray, a password dialog box prompts up if you have a password set up. Enter the password and hit OK, you are back.


UltraHide is a very small easy to use tool. But what’s the purpose of using it? Well, as the author indicated, it could be extremely useful tool to prevent you from being caught doing things that you aren’t supposed to do. Yes, you read it right, a tool made for the “bad guy”. 🙂



  1. yeah, kudos to xetoware, this tool is fricken awesome, my boss, and probably most technically experienced bosses, know about windows hide tools, and so, now with UltraHide, he can’t unlock my windows becoz he doesn’t know my password!!!


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