VBoxLaunch Lets You Launch VirtualBox Virtual Machine Directly from Start Menu and Taskbar in Windows 7


If you use VirtualBox extensively on Windows 7 you would find its launch menu whether in Start Menu or on Taskbar is quite lame. It doesn’t have native Windows 7 support such as Jump List on it. Apparently, there is a developer out there who loves both Windows 7 and VirtualBox finally made a little tool called VBoxLaunch that improves the VirtualBox user experience by adding Windows 7 Jump List support to it.


If you find this interesting, you can head over here directly download it onto your computer. Copy the VBoxLaunch.exe file inside the downloaded ZIP file to the VirtualBox installation folder. And right-click it and choose Pin to Start menu. You will need to launch it once to be able to have all Virtual machines populated.


You can also pin it to the taskbar to take advantage of the useful Jump List feature.


VBoxLaunch was developed when VirtualBox was at version 3.2 to ease the author’s own irritation for not having the native Windows 7 Start Manu support. Guess what, over one year later at version 4.1.4, VirtualBox still doesn’t have these feature included. Guess the priority of improving the windows user experience is fairly low to the Sun developers.

Credit goes to the freewaregenuis for sharing.



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