What Slows Down The Tab Opening Speed in Internet Explorer, and How To Fix it?



One thing that bothers me the most every time when I use Internet Explorer is how slow it is opening a new tab. The new tab is always trying to connect to something before it gets ready for me to use. I always wonder what actually IE tries connecting to which slows down the opening process.

The official IEBlog has now put together a post explaining how Add-ons  could potentially decrease the browsers’ performance in crucial activities like creating new tabs. Yes, it’s the Add-ons that you installed intentionally or inadvertently in your IE slows down the whole thing. While it’s still mystery to me why IE team make opening tab to check Add-ons in the first place, it’s good that we know now what causes the problem and how to avoid it from happening.

The post also provides a chart, which I will copy below, showing the median load times for the 50 most used add-ons in IE. It suggests that if you have many of these add-ons installed you will definitely have a notable performance decrease impacted when starting IE or opening a new tab.


While it is hard to remove or uninstall an installed add-on in IE which is another annoyance I hate in the current versions of IE, disabling it seems a lot easier. To disable an add-on in your IE, open Add-on Manager from Tools -> Manage Add-ons, find and highlight the add-on you want to disable, and click on Disable button.


And you can always try to run Internet Explore in “No Add-on” to avoid any delay or error caused by an unknown add-on. To do so, simply type “internet explorer” in the search box from Start menu, and click on “Internet Explorer (no add-on)” link from the list.


I agree with the words that

We encourage users to look at the performance impact of the various add-ons installed on their machines using the IE8 Manage Add-ons dialog…we also encourage add-on developers to make those decisions easier for end-users by writing faster add-ons.

However, I would also hope the new Internet Explorer 9 can solve this issue more intelligently so that a bad coded add-on wouldn’t’ slow down the whole starting or tab opening process. And I will definitely check to see if that’s the case when the IE 9 beta releases.



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