What’s happing in Windows 7 and What it means to be Released to Manufacturing


Yesterday (Wednesday 22, 2009) Microsoft has confirmed that the final version of Windows 7 is settle down and ready to ship to Manufacturing. This means few things to us, as general beta and RC testers or IT TechNet Subscribers.

  1. It means that from now till the first major Service Pack release for Windows 7 the code are settle no changes will be further made in the development team at this time for the new Windows 7.
  2. It has officially call it build 7600 that’s the build version of the RTM of Windows 7
  3. IT Professionals with TechNet Subscriptions will be able to download Windows 7 RTM in English on August 6th and remaining languages by October 1st
  4. For the rest people who have tried or currently using beta/RC version of Windows 7 do not have the official access to the RTM. The only way to get Windows 7 is through pre-order on Amazon or MSStore or BestBuy. Of course you can always get it after the date (October 22nd, 2009) Windows 7 released

[note: If you are really interested in Windows and all the other Microsoft product, you can always sign-up for the MS TechNet Subscription, it does however cost you $349 a year for new subscribers]

This is an other major milestone in the history Microsoft and the Windows Operating System. It means another new chapter of the Operating System. Another new start for the Windows Operating System to gain the lost over previous Vista, in which has received messiness negatives feedback from users.

Windows 7 Sneak-Peak from MGX
As here, our W7H team, we believe the new Windows 7 Operating System will be yet the best OS has ever made !



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