Where to Change Folder Options and Folder Types in Windows 7?


The place where to change folder options has been changed since Windows Vista, which remains in Windows 7. It used to be located in tools –> folder options in windows explorer in Windows XP but since Vista, you can find them

either in Control Panel and Folder options


or Folder and Search options under Organize dropdown menu in Windows Explorer.


And then the following Folder and Search options window pops up, in where you can change some advanced settings to change the way how you browser your folders and files.


Wait a second, where is the File Types that used to be in the same window where I can manually set up the file associations? Here is how:

Right-click the file and choose properties. If the file type of the file you choose is not a executable file, you will see Change button under General tab where you can re-define the file association.



  1. Well, but how do I make a file association with custom command line switches or non-default action (additional item in the context menu)?

    • Good question SlimShaggy. Never thought about that and don’t know if it’s possible.

      If you find out the way that does the trick, could you please share it in the comment, or do a guest blog?

  2. Blah, this has been in there since windows xp man, just edit your registry.

    look at an existing association, and copy/modify it as necessary.

    or option 2.

    make a shortcut to the app with the switches you want. then right click the file you want to associate, click “open with”, browse for your shortcut and hit ok. that’s it


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