Which one to Go, Office 365 or Office 2019?


If you are like me thinking both Office suits are the same, you are fundamentally wrong. While they both include the full stack of Office applications, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, one is definitely better than the other. Even Microsoft itself prefers Office 365 over Office 2019 for its efficiency, easy-to-use, and the amazing AI-powered capabilities.

image 9 600x313 - Which one to Go, Office 365 or Office 2019?

To show of the power of Office 365, Microsoft did a head-to-head showdown between Office 365 and Office 2019 with 3 sets of challenges between three sets of identical twins to complete the same tasks.

First of, twins Jeremy and Nathan filling out a spreadsheet with data about all 50 states in US.

Then, see who’s faster between Tanny and Cynni making a half-finished presentation perfect.

Last, Scott and Sean polishing up a resume and start a job search right away.

Office 365 easily wins all three battles with a big margin. It’s quite obvious which one to pick if you are to choose between Office 365 and Office 2019.


  1. so are you going to contribute your own thoughts to the question or just parrot the arranged demonstrations put out by the vendor?

    • Well, thanks for the challenge. 🙂 Personally, I prefer Office 365, not only for the features it provides but also the pricing model. But since I haven’t used Office 2019 I can’t really say which one is better.


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