Why I am Seeing An Ugly J While I am Suppose to See A Smiley Face?


It’s been puzzling to me for quite a while. Why am I seeing an ugly letter J while it’s suppose to be a happily smiling face?

An ugly J

Why is that? Thanks to Digital Inspiration for explaining it. Basically, let’s blame on Microsoft Office here.

In Outlook, if you add a smiley figure – something like 🙂 or 🙂 – to your message, the email program automatically converts it into a smiley icon using the Wingdings font.

And the problem is, while this Wingdings font is the native font available in all Windows system, it’s not available on all mobile devices. But even if it’s not available, why it’s the letter J but not the others. Well, simply put, the character code of J (0x4A) is the same as Wingding’s smiley icon.

character-map smiley face

That’s it. Problem not solved, but at least explained.



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