Winamp 5.8 Released for Windows 10


A new release of Winamp popped up in my tech news feed this morning and I found myself installing it on my Windows 10 machine a few minutes later. Guess what, I’ve been using it ever since.

I am glad the logo of this fan’s favorite music player hasn’t changed. Seeing it from my taskbar brings back some old memories from early 2000s’.

image 600x317 - Winamp 5.8 Released for Windows 10

And it doesn’t disappoint, lightweight, feature-rich, and sounds great.

How lightweight is it? Compared to Chrome, Firefox, it feels nothing added to the system.

image 1 600x309 - Winamp 5.8 Released for Windows 10

Feature wise, I can listen to not only MP3 files I have in my library, but other online resources too, such as online radio stations, all organized by genre while still can be searched by a station, artist as well. Heck, I can add my favorite podcasts and use it as my Windows podcast player too.

image 2 600x391 - Winamp 5.8 Released for Windows 10

And if you don’t have an Equalizer for your Windows installed, you can enable and customize the Winamp’s built-in Equalizer instead. You can start with one of the presets in the app or import one if you already have one you like.

image 3 600x214 - Winamp 5.8 Released for Windows 10

Frankly, I might leave it on my computer for a while.

According to the owner,

This version is not an ongoing project but be sure that we are currently working hard on a future new Winamp.

It seems Winamp will still be with us for the near future, though we don’t know when the new release will be.


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