Windows 10: How To Set Up Quick Action Buttons in Action Center


The new Action Center in Windows 10 has a set of quick buttons laid out at the bottom to get you the quick access to your frequently used Settings in Windows 10. And here is the quick guide how to customize them.

Click Start menu, and Settings to open Settings app. Then go to System, and Notifications and actions.

Under Quick actions, there are 4 buttons that you can control. See below how each of those buttons correspond with the ones in Action Center.

Action center icons

You can change what to display on each of the buttons by simply clicking it to bring down the list of available options. The number of options for Quick Actions depends on your system. Here is what’s available on my desktop computer but there are more options available on my Yoga laptop.

Quick Actions button options

If you click Expand icon right above, the remaining available buttons will be placed underneath the first row of the buttons. The more buttons you have the more rows will be used to display them. If this becomes to eat all the useful space above or you just want to have more space to show up the notification items, click Collapse icon to minimize all except the first row of the buttons you set in Quick Actions.

Action Center icons - expand collapse



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