Windows 10 Rollback Utility to Restore System Back to Windows 7 or 8.1


If your Windows 10 was upgraded from a previous eligible Windows system you can roll back to that version within 30 days of the upgrade. And you can do that from Settings → Update & Security → Recovery. Windows 10 is smart enough to remember what the last Windows version is before the upgrade or update.

Windows 10 - Settings - Update - Recovery

However, that is based on the fact you are still able to get into the system. What if something bad happened during the upgrade and caused the system fails to boot and you really want to get back to the previous Windows?

That’s where this free tool called Windows 10 Rollback Utility by NeoSmart Technologies comes to the rescue. Based on the same technology used in its own Award-Wining Easy Recovery Essentials product, Windows 10 Rollback Utility is a tool perfectly made for undoing unwanted, failed, or partial Windows upgrades.

Rollback Screenshot (White)

It’s a simple and pain-free process to do the rollback recovery. Download the utility, put it on a CD or a USB stick, and power up your PC to boot from it. EasyRE will run, scan your PC for Windows installations, including your previous Windows 7 or Windows 8 install,  and give you the option of rolling back.

Here is the Windows 10 Rollback Utility download page. It asks for your name and email address to download the tool but you can just click the Download link to bypass it. You can also see the rollback in action from below.



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