Windows 10 Tip: How To Make A Hidden Notification Area Icon to Show on the Taskbar


To have a hidden notification icon to show up on the Taskbar in the system tray next to where the clock is in Windows 7, you just click that little up arrow and Customize… link to open Notification Area Icons Behaviors control panel applet. And then change the behavior of the particular icon to “Show icon and notification“.

Windows 7 - opening up notification area icon

But you won’t be able to do the same in Windows 10 since the notification area has been re-written and totally works in a different way. There are still icons hidden in the same Notification Area, but there is no Customize anymore to change their behaviors. It’s all consolidated in Settings app.

Open Settings app, go to Personalization, Taskbar, and then click “Select which icons appear on the taskbar.”

Windows 10 - Settings - Personalization - Taskbar

Then switch ON the app(s) that you want to show up on the taskbar in the System Tray right next to the clock.

Windows 10 - Settings - Personalization - Taskbar - which apps to show in system tray

As you can see, I switched both Dropbox and OneDrive’s icons ON so I can directly interact with both apps right on the taskbar without going to the hidden area to find them.

Windows 10 - Dropbox and OneDrive on Taskbar


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