Windows 8.1 Now Natively Supports MKV Media Format


After the announcements of MKV native support on Xbox One console and Windows 10, now it’s Windows 8.1’s turn to get the same native support out of the box. Microsoft released a bunch of new updates to Windows 8.1 built-in apps, including one for Video with native MKV file format support.

If you haven’t done so, go to Store app, swipe in from the right edge of the screen to bring in the Charm bar, tap Settings, and App updates, then Check for updates. Windows Store app will then start doing a manual app updates checkup and will list a list of apps that need to be updated, including both built-in and store apps.

Screenshot 391 600x337 - Windows 8.1 Now Natively Supports MKV Media Format

Once the Video app is updated, you will be able to enjoy MKV video right away without any 3rd party apps or codecs installed. If you don’t have a MKV coded media file ready, head over to Jellyfish and download one so you can test it out immediately.

For desktop or Surface Pro users, this doesn’t seem to be a big deal, since they can install an all-in-one codecs like this or a 3rd party media player such as VLC to play MKV files. However, this is going to be a huge help to those Windows RT users who only gets limited support from apps like this.

Keep in mind though, certain types of MKVs are still not supported. If you have some MKV files you can’t play in updated Video app, leave a comment in the Continue the Discussion section below. We may have one or two tips that you may find useful.


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