Windows 8.1 Quick Tip: How To Go Back To Desktop After Closing A Windows 8 App

We’ve covered a quick tip how to boot straight to desktop in Windows 8.1. Here is another tip that shows you how to go back to desktop instead of staying in Start Screen after you close up a Windows 8 app.

And it’s very easy.

1. Switch to desktop, if you haven’t.

2. Right-click Taskbar, and choose Properties.

3. On Taskbar and Navigation properties dialog window, go to Navigation tab, and check the option called ”

Windows 8.1 - option to back to desktop

4. Click OK, and that’s about it.

And yes, it’s the same option that turns both “boot to desktop” and “back to desktop” on at once.

Kent Chen

Microsoft MVP, IT Professional, Developer, Geek, and the co-founder of Next of Windows.

Last updated: 08/04/2014

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