Windows 8 App: Google Search


Finally, if you are a Google searcher and have been struggling using Bing on Windows 8, here is a good news for you. Google released a Windows 8 native app in Windows Store for its search, called Google Search, with a campaign Get Your Google Back promoting both Google Search app and Chrome for Windows 8.

Windows 8 App - Google Search

Google Search app is designed very touch friendly, with a detailed tutorial showing how to use the touch gesture for the first time users. It’s a full feature packed app that brings you the same search experience as you have on desktop or smartphones. You can do regular search, image search, voice search, and all searches are instant without the need of pressing Enter.

It’s also nicely integrated in Windows 8 Search Charm, which allows you directly access Google. You can start your Google search directly from Start Screen by typing the keywords and select Google Search from the app list. The result shows up almost immediately.

Windows 8 app - Google Search - Search Charm

Google Search is a native Windows 8 app that you can directly download and install from windows store. Simply search for “Google Search” and go install from there. It works on both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Category: Tools
Publisher: Google Inc.
Age Rating: 12+



  1. what kind of a jerk are you?? You have this story on a windows 8 item. Then you have this BIG download button ( which is implying that you can download what the article was about ) and when you click on this BIG download button, it takes you to a blank page with only a BIGGER download button, but does not tell you what you are downloading. Then when you click on this BIGGER download button, what you are downloading is NOT what the article was about. You sir, are just an retarded rip off and a JERK.


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