Windows 8 Quick Tip: How To Set Different Wallpapers for Different Monitors


Prior to Windows 8, in order to set a different wallpaper for each monitor you have, you will need a special 3rd party tool. But in Windows 8, it’s much easier, the system is smart enough to know when to put a panorama picture across multiple monitors and when to set up different ones for different monitors.

What you may not know is that you can also manually assign different monitors for each monitor you have. And here is how, it’s very easy.

Right-click the empty space on your Desktop and choose Personalize.

right click desktop to personalize

Click the link “Desktop Background” at the bottom of the Personalization dialog window.

Personalization - 2014-10-09 16_05_21

If you have all the wallpapers selected, deselect them first. Or you can left-click one of them. If you do left-click a wallpaper, you are also making that wallpaper for all your monitors.

Now, let’s right-click on one wallpaper you actually want to set on one of your monitors. You actually get options of where you want to put them as wallpaper, either for all monitors or one of your monitors.

Desktop Background - 2014-10-09 16_09_47

And that’s it. You can repeat the same steps for all your monitors.

Now, if you want more, a 3rd party tool such as John’s Background Switcher would still benefit you a lot. For example, the tool can find you a lot more wallpaper choices from different sources like Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Smug Mug, etc., etc., or stylish the wallpaper with different formats like Postcard or Polaroid pile, thumbnail mosaic. And of course, the tool also supports multi-monitor setup with an option to set different pictures on each monitors.

John's Background Switcher 4.9 - 2014-10-09 16_18_44


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