Windows Terminal 1.0 Released


After almost a year of previewing the Windows Terminal app, Microsoft finally released its first build Windows Terminal 1.0 during its annual Build conference. And you can download it right from the Microsoft Store or the Github page. What’s better, Windows Terminal will then have the monthly updates, starting in July 2020.

image 3 600x408 - Windows Terminal 1.0 Released

So what exactly does Windows Terminal do? It’s a modern, fast, efficient, powerful, and productive terminal application for anyone who loves command-line tools and shells like Command Prompt, PowerShell, or newly introduced WSL. Basically, it’s meant to be your only tool for all your command-line needs.

The main features includes tab-based environment, panes, a GPU accelerated text rendering engine and a very customizable themes, styles, and configurations.

terminal 1.0 600x368 - Windows Terminal 1.0 Released

And here is a bit more information about how to get it to work that might help.

Out of the box, it’s basic and straightforward but everything can be configured through a plain JSON file. Simply click the down-arrow and Settings to start.

image 4 600x229 - Windows Terminal 1.0 Released

You can customize the different color schemes in the schemes array in the JSON file, or use the following included color schemes by adding the colorScheme property with the name of color scheme’s name as the value, in the “defaults” section.

  • Campbell
  • Campbell Powershell
  • Vintage
  • One Half Dark
  • One Half Light
  • Solarized Dark
  • Solarized Light
  • Tango Dark
  • Tango Light
image 5 600x244 - Windows Terminal 1.0 Released

To add more shells to the tool? Add them in the Lists array. If you’d like to have a setting that applies to all of the profiles, add it to the defaults section above the list of profiles in the settings.json file.


Oh, how do I split the window in Windows Terminal since it supports it?

Press Alt + Shift +D and see the magic happens.

image 6 600x356 - Windows Terminal 1.0 Released

And don’t like the key combination that’s assigned to this feature? Again, you can change it in the Settings JSON file.


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