Wunderlist The Best Cross-Platform Task List Manager


Did you find yourself take small notes here and there ? It’s easy to find a tool that takes notes, but it’s hard to keep all your notes organized in one place and always being synced across all your daily gadgets, from your desktop computer to your laptop to your smart phones. Wunderlist is designed to solve the problem. It has a native app for Windows, Mac, all the popular smart phones and it even have a web app that you can access anywhere on the internet.


One thing very nice about this software is, once you got your hands on it, it just feels so easy to use. Very well designed user interface, unlike other notes taking software, this application has all the essentials that you will never need. It also syncs your notes across multiple devices seamlessly.


Clean layout, so you can view all your tasks at a glance.  If you haven’t tried this app yet it’s highly recommended to give Wunderlist a try. It can certainly improve your daily work, keep your notes more organized and make you much more efficient.

Unlike other user registration application, Wunderlist designed with the easy use in mind so when you sign up an account (if you wish to) you will not even receive those “spam” type email asking for confirmation. Same with share your notes others, no confirmation is necessary, your friend will automatically see your list as soon as you enter his/her email assuming they too are using this app.

Give Wunderlist a try and enjoy taking notes.



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