How To Allow Multiple Concurrent Users Log In Windows 8 through Remote Desktop

Here is what you get if you are trying to log 2 or more accounts into one Windows 8 machine at the same time:

Another user is signed in. If you continue, they will be disconnected.

windows 8 single sign in

Basically, it’s telling you that you can switch users while still keeping all users’ data alive but you can only access one user account at any given time.

But here is a tweaking tool that can alter this setting to literally allow unlimited concurrent user access, through remote desktop connection.

Before you do, create a system restore point or back up termsrv.dll file in c:\windows\system32 folder, just in case something goes wrong along the way.

Once you’ve done backup, go to this webpage and download “Windows 8 Patcher.exe” file from there.

Save all your work, and double click the file to launch the patcher, which applies the patch to the termsrv.dll file and automatically restarts your computer in 8 seconds.

Applying Windows 8 Patcher

All done and ready to rock after the reboot. A fairly simple and painless process.

Now, let’s test. I fired up my laptop and launched RDP client twice and was able to connect to this patched Windows 8 computer with two different user accounts I previously set up. It works like a charm.

windows 8 multi connections

So what kind of magic this patcher did to make this happen? Basically, it did two things, one to patch the termsrv.dll to allow multi-concurrent users to log in, and one to make two registry changes to allow the TS connection in.

HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\

fDenyTSConnections (DWORD) = 0
fSingleSessionPerUser (DWORD) = 0

And that’s it and enjoy. Thanks to Claus Valca for sharing this tip from one of his link fiesta post.

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  • Kevin

    This information is valid and the patcher (and all aspects of this guide) functioned perfectly. Thank you, makes my home desktop much more useful if someone at home can use it while I can from school.

  • Brett

    Does this patch work for both 32 and 64 bit systems? If not, is there one specifically for 64 bit? Thanks!

  • Ben

    will this allow a local session in addition to multiple remote sessions?

    • Jonathan Hu

      yes, it will allow this type of use case.

  • Sanjeev

    Is this way of tweaking legal / compliant as per Microsoft Licensing or is there any disclaimer!

  • Genius

    Watch out for a sound problem with this fix – a user who wants to login via Remote Desktop while another user is logged on locally must first set audio to ‘Do not play’ or they will break the local sound system and it can only be recovered by rebooting.

  • Jose

    don’t works in windows 8.1 enterprise

  • Dummy

    Author, you probably need to mention that applying this will likely invalidate any windows license you have

  • Mohamed T

    Thank you, works just fine. :)

  • asdas

    Windows 8.1?

    • Peter

      This method does not work in 8.1.

      • Donald Duck

        This works on 8.1

    • xiaobo

      Here is a post to allow multiple concurrent users log in windows 8.1 through Remote Desktop.

  • harez

    works perfectly in windows 8.1 enterprise , thx

  • Steve

    Used ammyy admin. Worked fine for me.