1. Tested this out on a couple of machines… for some reason it also deleted the Default Profile on both of them – so any time a new user (or user with a previously expired profile) tried to login, it failed because the system could load a profile (or rebuild a new one from the default). Had to System Restore to undo the damage. Also, while other profiles seemed to be mostly deleted correctly, their (now empty) user profile folders were left behind.

  2. This seeams to be a great tool. looking to utilize it.  You indicate that there seams to have been errors in the way it worked.  Deleting Default and not deleting the rootuser profile folders. Did you find a solution? Has anyone heard of this problem and knows the solution?

  3. It’s not working anytime . if the user not logout correctly the cached profile remains in the server . to clean all profiles try this software . I check it on my network and it works perfect


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