How To Batch Convert Outlook MSG Files into PDF Files on Windows


If you have a need to batch convert a large group of Outlook email files into PDF format, here are the ways you can try.

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Work with Outlook and Adobe Acrobat Standard

If you have Outlook 2010 or above installed along with a full standard version of Adobe Acrobat, you have three ways to get this job done. But before you dive into it, you need to import all your MSG files into Outlook first. The easiest way of doing it is to create a temporary folder in Outlook and drag all the MSG files into that folder.

Using Adobe’s Combine Files into PDF feature

Open Adobe Acrobat and choose Combine Files into PDF from the Select a Task section. Then open Outlook and drag all the emails you want to convert into the Combined Files window. Once done, click Combine Files button to start converting them.

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If everything goes well, you will have a single PDF file for all the messages including the attachments.

Note that, directly dragging and dropping MSG files to the Combine Files window will not work.

Using print option

You can highlight the emails you want to convert and press Ctrl+P to bring up the print dialog box. Select Adobe PDF as the printer and hit Print button to start the converting process.

Outlook Print to PDF - How To Batch Convert Outlook MSG Files into PDF Files on Windows

If the attachments are required, go to Print Options and check the option “Print attached files” before hitting the Print button. The attachments will be saved as separate PDF files.

Using Adobe PDF Automatic Archival

Go to Adobe PDF tab in Outlook and click Setup Automatic Archival.

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Add the Outlook folder that contains the message files you want to convert and press Run Archival Now button to start.

Outlook Adobe automatic archival dialog - How To Batch Convert Outlook MSG Files into PDF Files on Windows

To include attachments in the result, go to Settings tab and make sure ” Include all attachments” option is selected.

The final copy is an Adobe PDF Portfolio file that requires Adobe Flash to open.

Online Tool

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Zamzar is an online document conversion tool that has a feature that can convert MSG into PDF files. If the number of files is small and the privacy of the documents isn’t your main concern, this online tool could be a very effective choice to get the job done.

Commercial tools

There are a lot of commercial tools available on the market specifically designed for this type of task. If you don’t have a full version of Adobe Acrobat around, spending $40-$50 on one of these tools is not a bad choice. Here are three of them I tested that seem to be pretty good.


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  7. How come that you guys from Toolstoexport, Softspire, Pcvare, Mailsmagic, Bitrecover, Jagware, PerfectDataSoftware and probably another half dozen dummy corporations are spamming over half the Internet with your ever-same MSG to PDF converters?

    Is it really necessary that you guys bullshit all over the people like this? That you even had to create these pathetic fake comments above?

    • I agree. Like vultures exploiting the ridiculous gaps in MS inferior software. Is MS getting kickbacks by providing basic coding to companies who charge a fortune for suites with relatively useless features, often to long standing paying MS software users, who just need a single feature, like printing bulk emails to separate pdf files. Their proprietary, predatory superiority would have every single freeware utility that MS should be providing in their suite as an option, wiped out of existence. It’s more ridiculous with each passing update.

      • I’m sorry, but this is an incredibly ignorant comment. PDFs are not a Microsoft product, how could MS be getting kickbacks for anything related to software that interacts with PDFs? And how could a failure of a third-party product (Adobe’s PDF format) be a “gap in MS inferior software.” This fails basic logic and reasoning skills.
        All of this nonsense you’re spewing about MS providing freeware utilities – you obviously don’t work IT or you’d know just how much free stuff MS includes in their OS. The fact that you can view PDFs at all in IE or Edge is MS giving you free stuff, which they may even have to pay a license to Adobe for since MS doesn’t own the rights to PDFs.
        My God, what an entitled piece of work you are.


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