How to Browse Your iOS Device’s File System on Windows


You connect your iPhone or iPad on your Windows PC but you don’t see many stuff from Windows Explorer, neither in Apple’s iTunes. So how can I browse through my iPhone or iPad like a normal external USB drive? Or is it even possible without mingling too much with the Jailbroken mess?

PhoneBrowse is a free iOS file browsing tool for Windows that lets you to access, explorer and manage your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch file system without jailbreaking your devices. You can even add, delete or rename all types of file saved on your IOS devices, all with a pretty simple but nicely designed user interface.

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Download, install the tool on your Windows PC, connect your device, and off you go. The tool will automatically detect the connected device and scan the file system for you. Once the scanning is done, it will show them in 4 different tabs, User System, Application, Backup System (coming soon), and Information.

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You can use the buttons at the top to export, import files or just delete them if you want to.

What’s cool is that you can manage your Apps’ data right in the Tool, which is way more efficient than iTunes. Adding, removing files to and from the apps is just easy and quick. The screenshot below shows the file structure of the Feedly app on my iPhone. Quite neat.

PhoneBrowse Apps 600x334 - How to Browse Your iOS Device's File System on Windows

Heck, if you are bored about the icons on your iPhone, you can even customize them to the ones that look more refreshing and charming.

PhoneBrowse is complete free and powerful, and works for Windows from XP to Windows 8 and 8.1. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are supported.

It works great in almost all aspect, except for the music files because of the way how they are organized on the iOS devices. However, we’ve already covered a tool how you can transfer music files easily and nicely off your device onto Windows computer.


  1. Awesome. Thanks for the tip. I will stop using ifunbox, is not what I need since all I want is to transfer my files to/from my laptop to my device.


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