Top Boot Repair Tools for Windows 11 Computers [Free and Paid]


From time to time, users on Windows 11 computers may face boot-related issues. Software conflicts, bad or missing system files, boot configuration data errors, or hardware problems could cause some of these. The most reliable fix is using boot repair tools on Windows 11 to correct the problem.

A boot repair tool will diagnose the cause of the problem and will also fix it. We got our hands on a few tools, and in this guide, we will give you our educated verdict to help you select the options for your Windows 11 computer.

In What Situations May I Use a Boot Repair Tool?

If you face any situations below, you should consider fixing them with a boot repair tool.

  1. Your computer gets stuck on the logo or somewhere on the boot screen.
  2. The computer keeps restarting repeatedly.
  3. You encounter a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)
  4. If you get the error message that says Windows could not start or a boot failure error.

That said, below, we present the best free and paid boot repair software for Windows 11

What is the Best Boot Repair Tool for Windows 11

1. Built-in Startup Repair – Native Windows 11 Tool

Startup repair 6 600x228 - Top Boot Repair Tools for Windows 11 Computers [Free and Paid]

Windows 11 is built with its native boot repair utility called startup repair. This tool is robust; in most cases, it will be all you need to fix any startup or boot issues.

This tool will scan your computer for startup issues and fix them automatically. We also like it because the computer may launch it if necessary. It is the most compatible Windows computer.

It is particularly very efficient with fixing problems with the Master Boot Record (MBR) or GUID Partition Table (GPT). We also love it because it is a non-destructive tool. This means that while repairing your boot problems, it will not change your settings or erase your data.

Pros and cons of Built-in Startup Repair:

Easy to useCan be slow
FreeNot always successful
Can be automatically triggered

2. Windows Installation Media – Bootable Installation USB Drive

Installation media 600x435 - Top Boot Repair Tools for Windows 11 Computers [Free and Paid]

While Windows Installation Media may not be a natural go-to for a boot repair tool, it is very effective for repairing any boot-related issues. It will repair your system’s corrupted files and reset your OS to factory settings. It is also very functional for rebuilding the BCD.

However, to use the Windows Installation Media, you must create a bootable USB flash drive, which will help you access the Windows Recovery Environment.

You may create the bootable flash drive following the steps below:

Step 1: Visit the Media Creation Tool page and click Download Now beneath Create Windows 11 Installation Media.

Download now 600x234 - Top Boot Repair Tools for Windows 11 Computers [Free and Paid]

Step 2: Double-click the downloaded file.

Step 3: Click Accept.

Click Accept 600x474 - Top Boot Repair Tools for Windows 11 Computers [Free and Paid]

Step 4: Select a language and edition, then click Next.

Windows edition 600x474 - Top Boot Repair Tools for Windows 11 Computers [Free and Paid]

Step 5: Select USB flash drive and click Next. The setup and installation files will be downloaded using the Media Creation Tool and copied to the USB flash drive.

USB flash drive 600x474 - Top Boot Repair Tools for Windows 11 Computers [Free and Paid]

Step 6: You may use the flash drive as a boot repair tool for Windows.

The following are the pros and cons of using the Windows Installation Media:

It is a robust tool that covers an extensive list of repairsThe process of creating the bootable USB can be time-consuming
The instructions are easy to followIt destructively performs boot repair, so you may lose vital information
It is perfectly supported by Windows

3. Ultimate Boot CD -Lightweight Boot Repair Option

ultimate cd 600x332 - Top Boot Repair Tools for Windows 11 Computers [Free and Paid]

This tool is a free bootable live CD. It comes packed with a lot of utilities for diagnosing and repairing your computer, and is a great boot repair software option .

Sone of the boot problems that it fixes include corrupted MBR or BCD, missing boot files, boot sector viruses, hardware problems.

To use this tool you will need to burn the ISO image to a CD or you may use it to create a bootable USB drive. We love it because it is easy to use and has a good track record of successfully fixing boot issues.

Free and open sourceThe process may be destructive, so you must properly backup first
It is portable (can be run from a CD or USB drive)Not as compatible as native solutions
It has a well-supported by the community
The tool is easy to use

4. EaseUS Partition Master – Robust Third-Party Boot Repair Solution

ease of use 600x400 - Top Boot Repair Tools for Windows 11 Computers [Free and Paid]

This is a free tool with an upgraded paid version. It specifically targets hard disk-related problems that cause boot failure. It will effectively repair hard disk conversion, corruption, and more.

With this tool, you will get the Boot repair and Rebuild MBR options for creating a WinPE bootable disk. You will find it effective in fixing black screens, Blue screens, white screens, yellow bottle and more.

Below are the pros and cons of using the tool:

Solves a wide range of boot problems, including including MBR corruption, BCD corruptionIt is not as supported as native Windows boot repair tools
Easy to useThere is a chance of data loss
The upgraded version is not too priceyLimited functionality on the free version

5. AOMEI Partition Assistant – Total Boot Repair and Partition Help Tool

AOMEI Partition Assistant 600x303 - Top Boot Repair Tools for Windows 11 Computers [Free and Paid]

This boot repair software is versatile and powerful. While it functions as a partitioning tool, it has great boot repair functions.

Its boot repair functions include fixing problems like missing boot files, repairing corrupted MBR or BCD, Fixing bad sector viruses, and more.

You may also use it in resizing and merging disk partitions, as well as managing or creating bootable drives.

Below are the pros and cons of using AOMEI Partition Assistant:

Comprehensive set of featuresLimited functionality in the free version
Easy to usePricey paid version
Comes with a free and paid version
Has a high success track record

FAQ on Boot Repair Tools for Windows

1. What is Microsoft repair tool?

The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant diagnoses issues by doing diagnostic tests and provides the optimal fix for the found issue. As of right now, it can resolve issues with Outlook, Microsoft 365, and Office.

2. What is Startup Repair tool?

Numerous frequent issues are immediately resolved with the Startup Repair tool. Additionally, the program enables you to easily identify and fix more complicated startup issues. The Startup Repair utility is launched by the computer when it detects a startup issue.

Fixing Boot Issues on Windows 11

With a Windows 11 boot repair tool, you should be able to fix any issues that hamper the boot process. While we love to recommend the built-in Windows 11 options, you may use some of the third party too we share in this guide for more functionality.


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