Windows 10 Tip: How To Schedule to Turn On WiFi Connection Automatically

In Windows 10, you can easily turn the Wi-Fi connection on and off by clicking the network icon in the System Tray and toggle the Wi-Fi iconĀ in the Network panel that pops up.

But do you also know that you can disable a Wi-Fi connection and schedule to turn it back on after a period of time? It’s a new feature only available in the Creative Update starting build 14946 that allows you do that. Here is how:

Open Settings app, click Network & internet, and then Wi-Fi. Turn off the toggle switch for the Wi-Fi connection if it’s still on. You will now see a “Turn Wi-Fi back on” drop-down menu with 4 options available, Manually, 1 hour, 4 hours, or 1 day.

The default option “Manually” still keeps the Wi-Fi off until you turn it back on manually. But if you want the Wi-Fi connection turn back on automatically you now have three choices to choose from, in 1 hour, or 10 hours, or a day. Unfortunately, you don’t get to set your own schedule at the moment but at least you can automate this process to a certain degree.

And of course, you can still toggle the Wi-Fi connection on and off from the Taskbar whenever you want.

If you don’t see the “Turn Wi-Fi back on” option you probably don’t have the Windows 10 Creative Update installed yet. It’s time to join the Insider group to test the preview builds with all the latest new features.

Kent Chen

Microsoft MVP, IT Professional, Developer, Geek, and the co-founder of Next of Windows.

Last updated: 12/10/2016

Posted in: Windows 10
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