Windows Trick: How To Make Your Computer To Speak Out Time At Every Hour


Here is an interesting trick that makes your computer to speak out the time automatically at every hour, like making your own Big Ben Clock on your Windows.


Create a file with the following lines codes:

Dim speaks, speech
speaks = “It is ” & hour(time) & ” O’clock”
Set speech = CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
speech.Speak speaks

And save as .VBS file. For example, time.vbs. Right, I’ve made it easy for you that you can just right-click the link and choose Save As.. to download it from this website.

You can double click the file to test out how it sounds.


Let’s schedule it to run every hour.

1. Open the Task Scheduler, you can press WIN + R, type in taskschd.msc, and hit Enter to start.

Win+R Taskschd to start Task Scheduler

2. In Task Scheduler, click Create Task under Action.

3. Give a name under General tab, such as Time.

4. Add a trigger to run the task repeatedly very hour. Like below:

Task Scheduler - Trigger repeat hourly

5. Add an action under Actions tab, like below:

Task Manager - Add an action

6. That’s it. Click Ok to close out it.

Congratulations. You’ve successfully turned your computer into a famous Big Ben Clock with a nice male voice speaking out time at every hour.

/credit goes to my MVP fellow Michael Martin/

/update on Oct 28, 2013/

If you are interested in how to run a script at logon or logoff, check out this post that outlines the setup how to make this time.vbs to run during a logoff process.



  1. Hi, I tried this PC trick on my Windows 7 x64-bit and it worked flawlessly but when I tried it on another PC running Windows 8, it keeps on asking what application should Windows 8 use to open the .vbs file.

    If I double click the vbs file in windows 8, a male voice speaks the message but after putting it on the taskschd.msc Windows 8 opens a pop-up that asks which application should it use to open the file.

    What application should I choose? I tried using Narrator but it won’t open the vbs file.

    Can you feature a detailed (with screenshots) on how to make Windows 8 and Windows XP Talk?

    One more thing, How can I make Windows XP, 7 & 8 speak a message before it shuts down? I already made a vbs file that speaks a message after Windows 7 opens up/logon using your method but I’d like to make my PC speak a Log-off message before it shuts down.

    How do it do that? Your PC talk trick really rocks! I hope you can help me make Windows XP, 7 & 8 speak before logging out/shutting down.

    Thanks a zillion!!!


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