Top 5 epub Reader For Windows 7

Ever since the first Kindle was introduced in 2007, eBooks have been gaining more market shares. Reading books not printed on paper is becoming a trend. Among the number of eBook formats available on the typical type of eReader devices, ePub, electronic publication, is no doubt the most popular one that is set to be a free open stander for all digital media publication. Most eBook readers support this format, except for the Kindle (which need to convert from mobi to epub).

Here we have complied a list of 5 best ePub readers available on Windows 7 for those who want to read ePub books on a desktop Windows computer. We will be using the same programming book for each ePub reader below for comparison to find out how one looks differently from each other.

1. Adobe Digital Editions


Developed by Adobe, Adobe Digital Editions is a free software that can read DRM free ePub format books. Overall, it has the best user experience among all five eBook reader that we’ve tested. It renders the text correctly and clearly and suupports multiple bookmarks with a very well designed library management feature.

2. Sony Reader


Designed specially for Sony Reader devices, the software for Windows 7 does not only let you to read it on your computer, but also provides the bridge to sync between Sony’s eReader device as well. The text and syntax highlighting are almost as good as the one from Adobe Digital Editions. It’s another highly recommended tool to read ePub format books on Windows system.

3. Calibre


Calibre is another ePub reader that also allows you to edit eBooks. It supports ePub format nicely, and renders the text and syntax highlighting accurately. Calibre is also an open source application that lets you to convert ePub format into different other formats including Kindle’s mobi.

4. Firefox epubReader


This is a Firefox add-on, which could be quite handy if you are a heavy Firefox user. You can read ePub format books right inside the browser without downloading and installing any application. The add-on is also compatible with the latest Firefox release. So if you are looking for some lightweight eReader, this add-on is definitely a good choice to start.

5. FBReader


Another open source program. But unfortunately, FBReader doesn’t render the coding syntax as good as the other applications from our test, though it still has some basic features such as bookmarks and library managements, which can be useful.


There are another two application that are also worth checking out if you are into reading eBooks on your Windows 7 device, Kindle for Windows 7 and Mobipocket. Both applications don’t support ePub format natively but you can always convert them into mobi format from other tools and read them.

  • Fuckyourmomm

    hijo de puta

  • Phan Duc Hoa

    Sony Reader for PC number 1, support full unicode

    • ganni4

      it doesn’t support full unicode! :(

  • Mikel

    Sony Reader for PC is not able to convert text files into any e-book format :-

  • Mike

    You really need to have someone proofread this kind of thing before you post. Your grammar is terrible. While the point still comes across, it makes it quite clear that you’re not very intelligent. Consequently, I don’t feel like I should listen to anything you have to say about anything. Just thought I’d let you know for the future so you can sound more intelligent.

    • Grammar Nazi

      Amen! You really need to either go back to school for your poor grammar skills, or you should have someone that speaks English as their native language write the review / document for you.

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      While poor grammar is annoying as it does make for difficult reading (particularly for non-native speakers), it certainly does not equate to a lack of intelligence. Then again, I suppose it’s too easy to hurl thoughtless insults from the safety of a remote computer.

    • Brian

      don’t judge other people IQ because of his grammar mistakes.

      • Martin Katz

        Mike, I think you mean: “You should have someone proofread before you post.” Instead of “You really need to have someone proofread this kind of thing before you post.” (Avoid “You really need”)

        lurker133 I think you mean: “While poor grammar is annoying, it certainly does not indicate a lack of intelligence” instead of “While poor grammar is annoying as it does make for difficult reading (particularly for non-native speakers), it certainly does not equate to a lack of intelligence.” (The extra text makes it harder to read and adds little to your argument).

        Unfortunately, there are not enough native English readers to help everyone and “Grammar checkers” are a poor substitute.

        • Allegra Rex

          Dear @b0bb9b070310c9ca1decf1f848516e81:disqus

          Your pedantry and grammatical nit-picking resulted in you completely missing the point of @0a5adf795152c5ab7b5507f2c8336f3d:disqus’s argument. I’m sure that once again, you’ll use this as an opportunity to assert your superiority by focusing on the clarity of expression as opposed to the actual content but it’s pretty obvious to everyone else here that you are incapable of seeing the bigger picture.

          My grandmother often told me never to argue with a fool…I can’t help but think she was right!


          A Languages Undergrad.

    • me

      Your a wanker mate!

    • Ise

      Hey Mike

      Thanks for the help :)

  • Swaroop

    “e-Pustak Reader” from – The only epub reader for windows i know of that gives real book effect to epub files with flip-book page turn effect .. try it!!

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  • KitKat

    why they all look so horrible, reading should be joyful not a pain on the eyes

  • Sadurudeen Kuthbudeen

    Thanks for sharing. helpful

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    Thank you very much, it was a great help.

  • Lapgee

    To my big surprise, the Adobe Digital Editions is unable to display the Chinese in an epub file. This is unbelievable.

  • Bruce xia

    I finally find a software to read epub books in windows ,thank man….

  • BlackHatMario

    Sony Reader: Annyoing as fuck, asks me every time if I want to import that ebook when I download a epub.

    Calibre: Big, bulky, slow, just like homer simpson invented car.

    Firefox epubReader: I don’t use firefox, I need a stand alone app.

    FBReader: looks “cheap”.

    Sony Reader: just downloaded and testing, looks good so far.


    there is also a different one: sumatra reader. This a small software but you cant click on the links and also looks cheap.

    What I need is a nice looking app that don’t messes up the formatting and is not bloated wth useless features.

    BTW: your english is just fine, english is not my mother tongue but I understand you and thats what counts. fuck you grammar nazis. lol (:

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    your post really helps!! This is the first search result of epub reader,thanks

  • Web Webster

    “This is the sort of criticism up with which I will not put.”

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  • Anne

    I use FSS ePub Reader. The great software!

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      Thanks for the suggestion !

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    Hey, I was looking for an epub reader and Mike actually convinced me. The bad grammar measn I distrust his professional skills. I realise this is stereotypical, but they’re there for a reason. There are so much stuff online and I have to draw a line somewhere.

    I found your chat interesting and decided to let you know that I won’t be using this, because it’s not professional enough. Thanks Mike!