Windows 11 Best Browser [Fastest and Most Reliable]


According to Statista, in April 2023 alone, 5.18 billion people used the internet. That is a large chunk of the world’s population. Most of these people probably had to connect to different services using a browser. In this guide, we help you decide what browser to use if you require the fastest and most reliable Windows 11 options.

We tested several browsers and rated them based on Speed and performance, features, security, compatibility, design, customization, and support. You may see how we scored them in the table below:

BrowserSpeed and performanceFeaturesSecurity Compatibility Design CustomizationSupport
Google ChromeFast and efficientExtensions, ad blockers, and privacy settingsVery secureGreat for most websites and appsIntuitiveLimited customizationAdequate documentation and support resources
Mozilla FirefoxFast and lightweightPrivacy features, customization options, and a built-in ad blockerVery securePerfect for most websites and appsUser-friendlyMultiple customization optionsAdequate documentation and resources for support
Microsoft EdgeFast and efficientBased on Chromium, similar features to ChromeVery securePerfect for most websites and appsSleek modern designLimited customizationAdequate documentation and resources for support
OperaFast and lightweightAd blocker, VPN, and battery-saving featuresGood securityPerfect for most websites and appsModern and user-friendly designAverage customization optionsAdequate documentation and resources for support
BraveFast and privacy-focusedBlocks trackers and ads by defaultVery securePerfect for most websites and appsVery easy to useCustomizable to a limited extentAdequate documentation and resources for support
VivaldiHighly customizableSeveral features, such as mouse gestures, tab stacking, and note-takingVery securePerfect for most websites and appsDescent, modern designExtensive customization options
Adequate documentation and resources for support

What web browser is best for Windows 11?

1. Google Chrome – Robust Browser Option

chrome nfJlyiZdWz 600x344 - Windows 11 Best Browser [Fastest and Most Reliable]

Chrome is Google’s cross-platform browser. It has been around for many years and displaced browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox to become about the topmost-rated browser option.

Most website and application developers first test on Chrome before other browsers, so it is a great option for Windows 11 devices since almost all services will work perfectly with it.

While it may not be the most customizable, you would enjoy its extensive extension library. The only downside is that it is resource intensive and may not be best suited for old computers with minimum specs.

Some features of Google Chrome include:

  • Good privacy settings
  • Extensive extension library
  • Fast and reliable page rendering

2. Mozilla Firefox – Great Customization Options

firefox 600x338 - Windows 11 Best Browser [Fastest and Most Reliable]

Mozilla Firefox was the biggest name in browsers many years ago but seemed to fall off the pecking order. However, the team has been resilient, and the browser seems well on its way back to the top.

The browser is free and open source, using the Gecko rendering engine to display web pages, implementing anticipated as well as current web standards.

It offers third-party cookie blocking and can eliminate tracking information from URLs. It securely saves passwords and allows you to use them at the click of a button.

Some features of Mozilla Firefox include:

  • Strong privacy protection
  • Adequate customizability
  • Fast and lightweight

3. Microsoft Edge – Excellent Windows Compatibility

msedge 600x318 - Windows 11 Best Browser [Fastest and Most Reliable]

Many years ago, Internet Explorer was one of the biggest names in the browser niche. Microsoft Edge replaces this project and comes bundled with any Windows installation.

The new Edge browser has a sleek, modern design and is cross-platform. It is a fork of the Chromium engine and holds many similarities with Google Chrome.

It is fast and reliable and may be the most compatible browser for any Windows 11 device.

Some features of Microsoft Edge include:

  • Sleeping tabs
  • Immersive reader
  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Password monitor

4. Opera – Great Modern Design

opera 600x322 - Windows 11 Best Browser [Fastest and Most Reliable]

Of all the browsers for Windows 11, Opera may be the one with the best design. There are many reasons to love it. First, if you are on social media, it has a sidebar that helps you connect to Messenger, WhatsApp, and the rest while surfing the web on the main pane.

Even though it is based on chromium, the interface is very distinct, like many others. It also has an extensive add-on library, features private browsing, re-opening recently closed pages, speed dial, and tabbed browsing.

Some features of Opera include:

  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Built-in VPN
  • Battery saver option
  • Crypto Wallet

5. Brave – Privacy-Focused Browser

brave 600x253 - Windows 11 Best Browser [Fastest and Most Reliable]

Looking for a web browser that prioritizes your privacy? Look no further than Brave. This free and open-source browser, developed by Brave Software, Inc., is based on the reliable Chromium web browser and comes with default settings that block many ads and website trackers.

If you want to switch from another browser, Brave makes the process very easy as you can easily import extensions, bookmarks, and even saved passwords.

It also offers Anonymized network routing when you use it in Tor mode. This is a browser we highly recommend on a Windows 11 device.

Some features of Brave include:

  • Bounce tracking protection
  • Malware and phishing protection
  • Invasive ads blocking

6. Vivaldi – Highly Customizable

vivaldi 600x255 - Windows 11 Best Browser [Fastest and Most Reliable]

If you need customizability, your options for the best Windows 11 browser may not surpass Vivaldi. You may customize the interface icons, toolbars, color scheme, match its UI to websites, edit corner roundness, and more.

The Vivaldi cross-platform web browser also has a built-in email client. It is the most fun of all the browsers on this list.

Some features of Vivaldi include:

  • Mouse gestures
  • Web panels
  • Privacy features
  • Extensive tab management

FAQ on the Best Browser Options for Windows 11

1. Is Chrome or Edge better for Windows 11?

Edge is the default Windows 11 browser and may be the most compatible option; however, Chrome is very robust. But both are built on Chromium, so they may be equally useful on the new OS.

2. Which browser uses the least RAM Windows 11?

The best option is Brave which uses about 546MB of RAM.

3. What is the fastest and lightest browser for Windows 11?

On our Speedometer Benchmark test, Brave scored 206, making it the faster browser option on Windows 11.

Enjoying Fast and Reliable browsing

We have selected the best Windows 11 browsers in this guide. To gauge browsing speed, we used the Speedometer Benchmark. All the browsers on this list performed well with negligible differences. 

We also performed a browser security test using Browser Audit Benchmark. The browsers ranged between 399 and 401 on the 431 Security tests. This difference was negligible as well. 

We that in mind, we believe the final choice should come down to user preference. You may also read our guide on measuring how secure your web browser is.


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