A list of Windows Operating System Version Number


What I mean by version number is not necessary mean the OS name or service packs. For example, Windows 7, doesn’t necessary mean it’s the 7th version of Windows coming from Microsoft. As we have discussed before on our opinion of Why Windows 7 is named Seven. Here is a list of versions of Windows, since Windows Operating System 1.0. The distinguish of versions rather than OS names are important for developers and the distinguish of Windows structure. The list can also be found on MSDN OSVERSIONINFO Structure

Windows - A list of Windows Operating System Version Number

Here is the list of Windows OS by Version Numbers

Operating SystemVersion NumberOther Information
Windows 1.01.04
Windows 2.02.11
Windows 3.03
Windows NT
Windows for Workgroups 3.113.11
Windows NT Workstation
Windows NT Workstation 3.513.51.1057
Windows 954.0.950
Windows NT Workstation
Windows 984.1.1998
Windows 98 Second Edition4.1.2222
Windows Me4.90.3000
Windows 2000 Professional5.0.2195
Windows XP5.1.2600Current SP3
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition5.2.3790
Windows Vista6.0.6000Current Version changed to 6.0.6002 with SP2
Windows 76.1.7600RTM

Note this list does not including Windows Servers which also can be included as list by versions.

UPDATE: Infact you can check the version of OS you are running by typing “ver” in the Command Port (Start>cmd)

windows version - A list of Windows Operating System Version Number

From the list we can conclude and have a better view of different OS and their similarities is exhibited by their version number. And that’s why some people are calming that Windows 7 is just another Vista.

Source via Life Rocks 2.0 via MSIGeek thanks for providing the list and info



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