CodeSaver is a Geeky Screen Saver That Animates Typing Codes While Your Away The Computer


Do you write code ? Are you a programmer ? Even if you aren’t this– CodeSaver, is a pretty neat screen saver for geeks who like to show off their geeky computer monitors while they are away. CodeSaver is an open source screensaver that “types” its own code to your screen. It’s not a new tool, but still works fairly well on Windows 7.

CodeSaver does a good job on syntax highlighting C like programming languages, like C++, Java, C#, C etc. It doesn’t do so well on web scripting languages like php, perl, ruby etc. From the test we did, CodeSaver doesn’t work at all for Ruby.


To get CodeSaver working on your computer, first download and install the utility here.

Once you have installed the tool, go to Control Panel => search for “screen saver” => Change screen saver

CodeSaverOn the screen saver drop down choose CodeSaver,  this will open up CodeSaver’s option to pick where the source code is located, and how you would like to display them.


What’s even cool with this tool is that you can simulate how fast the animate “types” out those files, and how often a typo can occur.


That’s it, if you would like to give your monitor a new look while you are away your computer, give CodeSaver a try, your friend might get impressed.



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