How To Check A PFX Certification’s Expiry Date on Windows


Let’s say I have a PFX digital certificate file sitting on my computer waiting to be imported and used. But I am not sure if it’s still available to use. How can I check the expiry date on a specific PFX certificate, especially on a Windows computer?

If you know it’s already imported into your computer, you can double-check the certificates info on Internet Explorer.

Open Internet Explorer, go to Internet Options and Content tab, click on Certificates.

Internet Options - 2015-01-07 17_00_12

From there, you can check the list of certificates that have been imported. See my Comodo Email certificate in the screenshot below that is actually expired?

Certificates - 2015-01-07 17_02_20

But what if I have the PFX file that hasn’t been imported and I would like to know its content including the expiry date? Here is how you can do it.

Open a Command Prompt window, and run a CertUtil command with -dump switch. For example, running the following command extracts the content out of my PFX file located in H: drive on my computer.

certutil -dump "h:\kent.pfx"

It’s actually expired on “26/08/2014”, see screenshot below:

Command Prompt - CertUtil

Note that you will need to know the password to the PFX file in order to retrieve the info from it.



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