Download Retail Windows 7 ISO from Official Website

[UPDATE: August 8th 2011] see below for newly added Windows 7 SP1 ISO


There are many ways you can get Windows 7. But perhaps the easiest and fastest way to get Windows 7 iso image file is to directly download from the official HTTP server. That is you can download the iso image file from digital river and amazon

Here is the list of Urls you can download different versions of Windows 7 (note: do not have Windows Enterprise, as it is exactly the same as Windows Ultimate but under different License Volume agreement, for average consumers there are only 3 version of Windows 7 available that is Ultimate, Professional, and Home Premium)

Windows 7 Home Premium x86 ISO 32-bit

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 ISO 64-bit

Windows 7 Professional x86 ISO 32-bit

Windows 7 Professional x64 ISO 64-bit

Windows 7 Ultimate x86 ISO 32-bit

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 ISO 64-bit

[UPDATE August 8th 2011] After nearly a year of the release of Windows 7 Service Pack 1, you can now download new Windows 7 ISO images that comes with the Service Pack 1 (SP1) pre-installed. That means you don’t need to download all the windows updates for a fresh new install, this will save you many hours after your fresh install of Windows 7. It is strongly recommended downloading the new ISOs that come with Service Pack 1 pre-installed. As usual, the links below are all from official Microsoft retailer website.

Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 x86 ISO 32-bit

Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 x64 ISO 64-bit

Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 x86 ISO 32-bit

Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 x64 ISO 64-bit

Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 x86 ISO 32-bit

Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 x64 ISO 64-bit

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  • Ilija Brajkovic

    Do you have links for the Windows Server 2008 R2?

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  • windows7hacker

    No Ilija, we couldn't find the similar links to Windows Server 2008 R2 but I am pretty sure you can get it from Technet subscription if you subscribed.


  • joseph74

    Thanks,but how to make sure that these version are from official microsoft websites?
    and is it untouched

    • Jonathan

      you don't because the digital river is the official retailer of the Windows. This is the official and secure.

    • juanbravo

      Hey man, you can use some software to verify it,
      just find that here…
      i also have make a review about it on my blog…
      just try it, because it works well for me.

  • Heet Thakkar

    what about the serial key while installing the ultimate version of 7??? can you help me with it???

  • Adam

    The link for Windows 7 Ultimate x64 ISO 64-bit is dead. Can any one fix it.

  • spiderm_91

    can somebody check the ultimate ver links??

    • Philip Yip

      The Ultimate Links (direct from Digital River) and alot of additional information is here:

  • benjamin

    how i do it??

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  • skylarkcob


  • JT

    Hey, i’ve downloaded the pro x64 bit version; i get a winrar (which has a size of 3gb) containing only a “read me” file. Am i blind or why can’t i see the ISO file??

    Thanks for all help

    • serg

      you probably extracted it to the wrong file path. when you go to extract it again make a new folder on you desktop and extract to there ;D

    • RAJU

      Hi JT , uninstall ur winrar version , install WINRAR 4.01 and shortcut to desktop . Now open winrar shortcut from desktop and then on MENU TAB , click OPTIONS ,then SETTINGS ,then INTEGRATION, then put check in ISO associate , then ok

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  • Nguyen Van Ven

    i have a key of window 7 professional from microsoft msdnaa. but i can use it to register the window7 that you give me. why?

  • nawee

    thank!a lot for pro~1

  • JR

    Ultimate links are not working…

    • Holyghosthost

      I agree, I downloaded the ultimate 86 bit and yes it did download as a .iso file but when I tried to run in on my mac using virtualbox and it would do a little something and see it say opening windows but the it will say insert the disc that came with windows 7 that some programs or software may have changed. I’m downloading home premium now and hope that file isn’t corrupt.

  • nald

    I’ve a netbook with genuine win 7 starter,
    I need a iso file for windows 7 starter 32bit for new instalation, because my netbook “blue screen” problem, please!

  • ice

    thanks a lot.

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  • aiden

    where do i get a product key from do they come with iso????

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  • Kevin

    If Windows 7 came preinstalled ( with a bunch of other crap) can I use the iso with my preinstalled product key.

    • Kent

      yes, you can use it with the keycode you got with the computer you bought.


  • evan

    Can i use windows 7 ulitmate in my samsung n130 netbook?

  • Question

    Are these OEM or Retail?

  • Arif

    Very nice windows 7 article. I like it very much,
    is there any site i can download windows Vista or XP, please let me know i really need that, thanks

  • Diego Natan

    Vlw . Finalmente consegui formatar meu pc

    • diego


  • adminastratior

    thanks alot man now i can install windows7 on my computer

  • sibin

    Thanks for Download links

  • peter

    Hi I want to use this to remove all the crap that came on my pc oem copy. Can i use my windows key that came with my pc

  • Gatubela

    I did it, thank you so much!

  • rocksolid

    Where is Win 7 starter edition 32 bit? is it discontinued?

  • vipin.v_

    can i use windows 7 ultimate 2009 crack in windows 7 ultimate sp1

  • Robert

    I downloaded the ISO file of Windows 7 HomePremium 64xbit, but the only thing that came with the file was a Readme.txt, can you please help?

  • Win 7 Key

    Thanks for the good writeup. It actually was once a entertainment account it. Look complex to more added agreeable from you! However, how can we keep in touch?

  • blake

    the windows 7 home premium i downloaded works the first time but when you turn it off it says it cannot start and it gives me the option to start repair (it just restarts it) or start windows normally (it goes to the starting windows screen and freezes)

  • Thank You

    You saved me when I was in a pinch by providing these links. Thank you

  • Michael J Caldwell Sr

    The link doesn’t work.

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  • hit

    if i download the windows versions given here and if i use my product key my laptop will it get the genuinity….

  • Scott

    Works Great! Burned the dvd iso onto a dvd+r installed windows 7 pro 64bit used my old 64 bit cdkey and so far so good.

  • Ryan

    Are you going to post windows 8 Professional and Ultimate when it comes out in October?

    • hadi roy

      please, if anyone has a link windows 7 starter ,you know I am! ok

  • Arild

    Hi there.
    Do you know if there is any place to download iso’s with other languages than english? Or are all these iso’s multilanguage?
    In my case i am looking for a norwegian version of home premium and pro since i have licenses on laptops that are preinstalled and i want to change to SSD disks on my laptops.



    • Mtl628

      Thanks a lot lot lot lot!


  • Devon

    You are a life saver! I’ve been stuck with Vista for quite a while because I did something very stupid that replaced Windows 7 Ultimate x86. But I’m probably just gonna stick with Professional. Thanks for the link man. Got the product key for it ;)

  • Abhijat

    I have Windows 7 32 bit Enterprise Edition. I want to download ISO file for its fresh system repair. Can you please suggest me a link from where I can download the file.
    Many Thanks.

  • david

    Thank you so damn much!!!

  • joe

    downloaded windows 8 i want to switch back. i love windows 8 i just cant launch my digimon game. guess it conflicts with hackshield pro. anyways if i download this ans make a bootable usb will my win key on bottom of my laptop still work?

    • Danny


  • Thomas

    For the iso with service pack one for windows 7 profesional x86 there are no drivers, it says i have to search for drivers.

  • Ryan Surber

    Does anybody know where i can find a free download of windows XP Home Eddition or Professional?

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  • Bryan

    YOU ARE A LIFESAVER! My computer got a registry error and would no longer boot, so I reinstalled Windows Home Premium x64, and I saved a lot of money. THANK YOU!!!

  • Hakimi

    I know how to get the Win7 Starter edition.
    Actually the iso for all version, Homepremium, pro, even ultimate, Just download any iso files, find file named “ei.cfg” open and change the version or otherwise transfer the iso to usb drive using win-to-flash and delete the “ei.cfg” file.
    then boot using the usb drive the selection menu for home premium, profesional, ultimate even starter edition. just key in back your liense key according your COA. I’ve done it using my HP mini netbook. Activation ? should be on call since online activation will fail. just call microsoft and tell “I replacing my hardisk, it spoilt already” so need to reinstall and activate.. wait a moment and the will provide key for you. ..

  • Dakhamat Mohammad

    I downloading windows 7 home premium and install it its fast and beautiful.

  • Guest

    Completely new at this..Do I need a copy of Windows 7 on a DISC even if it’s already installed on my computer before I try to dual boot?

  • Bennyjay

    How do u install it or make USB drive bootable

    • Blacklisted

      you can get it dude from

  • Roni_hussain

    Any one kw where i can find the product key for windows 7 home premium.


      Yeah from Microsoft when you purchase it

  • Yocadis Montas

    how do you install the iso on a usb

    • wAnkLik

      use wintoflash..

  • Mhamedlahlou

    The utlimate version is not working :(

  • Xero_19

    where does one get a product key when using it on a vm? Thx.

    • Kent Chen

      You probably can use the same product key on your windows 7 if you intend to install one as VM.

  • Example

    do you need a product key?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • ram

      yes please give key for ultimate 64 bit for desktop system

  • Diyar0

    windows key 
    7|Ultimate    Acer                   FJGCP-4DFJD-GJY49-VJBQ7-HYRR27|Ultimate    Alienware           VQ3PY-VRX6D-CBG4J-8C6R2-TCVBD7|Ultimate    Asus                 2Y4WT-DHTBF-Q6MMK-KYK6X-VKM6G7|Ultimate   Dell                     342DG-6YJR8-X92GV-V7DCV-P4K277|Ultimate   Fujitsu                 9CW99-79BBF-D4M3X-9BK9M-4RPH97|Ultimate    HP                      MHFPT-8C8M2-V9488-FGM44-2C9T37|Ultimate   Lenovo                6K2KY-BFH24-PJW6W-9GK29-TMPWP7|Ultimate   Samsung              49PB6-6BJ6Y-KHGCQ-7DDY6-TF7CD7|Ultimate   Sony                    YJJYR-666KV-8T4YH-KM9TB-4PY2W7|Ultimate   Stone                  76MTG-QMQJQ-46DQR-CHRBB-7K3HD7|Ultimate   Tarox                  4BRY2-6W9VH-9CM6R-GPKRY-HHVCY7|Ultimate   Toshiba               2XQ63-J3P67-9G3JC-FHQ68-8Q2F37|Ultimate  HP                    278MV-DKMGJ-F3P9F-TD7Y3-W6G3MOffice 2007 NL key             Volume License KEY=           BC322-3PV3J-YVJ3Q-VY7M2-GBDQ8

  • unknown

    to make usb download “ubuntu usb creator” or for a dvd “img burner”

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  • Drewfortenberry8

    Hey, so I thought I had windows 7 home premium x64 on my laptop… but when i try to use the product key with the download from this site… it doesnt work… any thoughts?

  • Krnphil07

    won’t let me repair my os

  • Wildviper37

    on system properties in computer menu, it says i need to activate windows within 30 days when i installed. do u have an activation key?

    • KjalliZ

      Head on over to ThePirateBay and get Windows Loader by DAZ

  • spycorbin

    can you run the windows from the disc that is made or do have to install it

  • Farhan

    Ultimate version is not working.. :(

  • Dawson Wehage

    I know a website that has the windows 7 isos its called

    Try it but the windows 7 ulimate will not work just sayin ive tried it. Thanks

  • RyanSurber

    Here is a product key that Works for any edition of windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 7 Professional, This is an (MAK) Product key i found online it works too :)…. U can also use this for anytime upgrade as well: FGC7B-X8RV6-4XW6Q-T77KC-RK3MK

  • Tanney1988

    i have the activator to make your window 7 full version .. genuine registered … just contact me for just $10 ..this is my email add : . :)

  • Itchy

    for everyone that finds a dead link… research a thing called ei_remover.exe..
    will delete the ei.cfg file from the iso and make it all versions on 1 disc

  • Ankitjb007

    I need Windows 7 Home basic 64bit .iso file download link.
    can anyone have it?

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  • CÄzy YøÑg

    how install it? please mail to tell me ..

  • smith

    do you have link for window 8

    • Jekabs Jencs

      try this link donwload Microsoft windows 8

  • Sudassana

    Can i activate it with my OA product key? i still have it at the bottom of my vaio.

  • Ali

    I have medion E1222 note book with Danish language i don’t know danish language plzz guide me how to change language from Danish to English

  • Shalom Bhopale

    Thank you very much. I had windows 7 home premium 32bit and I recently added an extra 2 gigs of RAM. My system only recognized half of the memory. So I needed a 64bit version and using my 32bit key the OS is working fine, activated and all my memory is being recognized.

    NOTE !!

    If you have 32 bit home premium then you should upgrade to 64 bit home premium.

    –> Why ? Because you can use the same key of the 32 bit version.

    This applies to all of the other versions too !

  • tira

    try or full?

  • Gerdo

    Why I cant download windows 7 ultimate ??

    • Jekabs Jencs

      try from this link download Microsoft windows 7

  • Konan

    Am I able to download the ISO, burn it to a disk and then install it to a brand new PC with no OS provided I have the CD key? I’m hoping to build my next PC.

  • Gautam

    please send windows 7 download link me

  • Giovanni

    Are those Windows 7 multilanguages?

    • Jonathan Hu

      no those are English ONLY, but if you download Ultimate you have the option to download additional languages after installation

  • Fat Lady

    I have a win7 ult 64 that I had a key for for a few years I changed the motherboard and now my key is picked up as bogas… Im back to the 28 day crap.. most of the ‘hacks’, ‘loaders’, etc contain virus or trojans.. I would like to find out if the folks that built xp pro black ever built a win7/64ult package??? if so where can I get a copy thank to all

  • Az

    I wish you put the update on the top of the post… I am going through update hell right now

  • Mr.Thankfull

    PERFECT!!! I just downloaded WIN 7 PRO(64-bit) from here. installed it on my DELL optiplex 980 and used the product license number that was on the sticker on the tower. WORKED PERFECTLY! thanks!

  • Mr.Thankfull

    Yes i just did it and it works PERFECTLY! like windows7hacker said just make sure it’s the same version. As long as you haven’t changed your motherboard your OA key will still be valid.

  • DarkSerpant9700

    Hi Quick Question can i use this to upgrade my windows vista to 7 without the clean install

  • HerpDerp

    This made me lol. I agree but it seems that many ppl dont know much about technology these days xD

  • vinod

    to get all version in one iso any u download above use the utility code . kliu . org/ misc/ winisoutils/ file.

  • Vivian

    Thanks for the download , but I just tried these keys from the replies, it is not working anymore, have to buy one on getsoftwarekey com

  • Michele

  • global

    For Windows7 Tech Support

    contact on 1-800-935-0537

  • ralph

  • barbas30


  • Anthony Maslo

    exactly the info I was looking for! thanks

  • Anonymous Joe

    OR, if your computer came with windows 7, its on the bottom of your computer.