How To Adjust Audio Balance In Windows 7

429 Okay so how can you change the balance of the speaker volume in Windows 7 ?

Recently I had this problem with my earphone it doesn’t produce a balanced output sound anymore. I know that it’s a hardware problem, but fortunately you can adjust this in the software.

Before it use to be pretty simple to change the balance in Windows. But unfortunately in Windows 7 it becomes a little bit hard to find the option.

Here is how you can change the audio balance in Windows 7


Go to Sound > Properties


Under “Levels” tab click “Balance”

Now you can adjust the volume for both left and right speaker, adjust them accordingly. Also Windows 7 is smart enough that which audio device this has been adjusted on. If you add a new audio output it will by default change to balanced each.

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Last updated: 08/04/2014

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everything comes up exactly as you show and the little slider does nothing as i was sure would be the case.i’m buying a chromebook next..widows just sucks.and with each new version it sucks harder..notice i;m still using 7 in 2017 and would be using windows 95 or 98 if i could