4 Effective FREE RAM Optimizer to Boost Your Windows System Performance


When it comes to improving overall computer performance, RAM is always one of the most efficient ways you should consider to improve, i.e. throw in a few more GB of RAM. And often time, the result is obvious and immediate. However, it’s not feasible that you can always increase the number of GB that easily, such as what about you don’t have any empty slot left on the motherboard.

That’s why an effective way to optimize our existing RAM is badly needed. Most of all, we also need a better way to stop or fix the memory leak we are experiencing almost every day in our daily computing life, which adding more RAM has no way of fixing.

And, here are 4 of them for you to check out.

Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer, brought to you by the same vendor who made the smart Shutdown, is a free system utility that frees up the physical memory taken by some useless application to enhance your overall PC performance. When it’s running, it will free up and tune up RAM performance automatically whenever it finds your memory is below the value you’ve set in the program.

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MZ RAM Booster

MZ RAM Booster is also a free system utility created to improve the performance of your computer by automatically recovering RAM to fine tuning system settings. When it’s running, it uses minimal resources with almost no CPU time. Same as Wise Memory Optimizer, MZ RAM Booster also automatically frees RAM when it’s below the value previously set up in the program.

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RAM Rush

RAMRush has a simpler user interface. It runs quietly in the system tray and pops up a real-time CPU and RAM usage graph when hovering over. You can also set it up so that it automatically runs the optimization when the memory amount is lower than 8% of total RAM or manually being launched by a optimize hotkey.

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Anvi RAM Booster

Anvi RAM Booster is actually an add-on tool that is part of Cloud System Booster, an all-in-one free system maintenance utility. I found it out accidently when I browse through the features in the tool. It’s actually quite good and effective. I like it quite a lot. But unfortunately, since it’s only part of another tool, you will have to install Cloud System Booster first and get it from Toolbox section. The good thing is, once you get it, you can put it on your external USB drive. Yes, that’s right. It’s a portable tool that you can carry around.

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To make all our friends easier, for the time being until I can locate an official download link that always provides the latest copy, you can download the current version, 1.0.0, from below:

Last a few words

All 4 tools listed here are equally good from my own test. They are all free and manage our precious memory very efficiently. Just one thing to notice for the first three tools. Because they are free, they may include some crapware during the installation process. Make sure to unselect them when you spot them.


    • You do NOT need a third-party application to do that, Windows allready knows how to manage its own resources… This kind of programs just mess up with the processing power. DONT DO IT!

      • No it doesn’t! My S.O. gave me a gaming ‘puter with 12 gig of RAM and Windows 8. I didn’t think I’d ever fill it up, but I did. Since then, the system has slowed down enormously, with programs like Chrome that stop responding. I know the RAM needs to be optimized! I have used FreeMem in the past and was always very happy with it. You don’t realize how much it works until you use such a program.

  1. Hi Kent,

    It is good to have a list of all top 4 Ram boosting software here.

    Small correction.

    I think in the post title you might want to say:”

    4 Effective FREE RAM Optimizer to Boost Your Windows System Performance”

    instead of “…….Booster Your windows system….”

    Boost instead of Booster


  2. There is a lot of talk out there about memory boosters that do next to nothing. I have used Wise Memory Optimizer for a year now. All I can say about it is that it causes no problems. It might help in some way. But it does not get in the way.

    • Wrong there Jeff ! just recently lost windows 10 pro that got slowed down due to installation of wise memory optimizer and more so because of the hide wise folder that stole password and kept asking for $20 to unlock, how mean. So in short WMO actually takes more memory to run its app or ticker.

  3. Ram cleaner, booster Etc, are actually a Scam, these companies are only taking advantage of inexperienced users, they make false promises about boosting your system’s performance when In reality, your computer knows how to manage its ram perfectly on its own.

    Memory optimizers are based on a misunderstanding. You may look at your computer’s RAM and see it filling up and some people are alarmed at this. In reality, modern operating systems are pretty good at managing memory on their own.

    Used Ram doesn’t necessarily indicate waste. Instead, your computer uses your RAM to cache data for faster access. Whether it’s copies of web pages you had open in your browser, applications you previously opened, or any other type of data you might need again soon, your computer hangs onto it in its RAM. When you need the data again, your computer doesn’t have to hit your hard drive — it can just load the files from RAM.

    Please read this article, I’ve pasted some of it above, so if the above as peeked your interest, then I urge you to read more and understand Ram and your machine.

    SOURCE :- https://www.howtogeek.com/171424/why-memory-optimizers-and-ram-boosters-are-worse-than-useless/

    Trust me, people, I’ve been building Rigs for many years and anyone out there who knows what they’re talking about will tell you the very same thing.

    • This is one of those issues that you can service PCs for a long time and not really think that much about it. You know that a customer has a very, very low end PC(we’re talking old single core; a motherboard and onboard video/audio from more than 15 years ago; 20GB HDD; XP; and 256 DDR-RAM); you might have to buy other more iimportant things for it(LIKE A BATTERY, AN ADEQUATE USB STICK TO COMPENSATE FOR NOT MUCH NATIVE HDD SPACE, COMPRESSED AIR FOR CLEANING IT OUT, ETC); and you know that you are under a tight budget.

      So, you think, well, a freeware, non-virus/non-malware company that uses a RAM booster to maximize RAM that also doesn’t use much in native resources would be great and that OLDEN system never seems to crash into reboot due to taxed resources with the use of a RAM booster no matter what I throw at it or how long I use it while taxed(WHEN USING THE BOOSTER). You don’t really think any more or less about it than that! After all, no college IT instructor ever tells you thsse kinds of tidbits about computer tech; you have to stumble across them on your own with experience.. It’s expected that those that service a PC would know these things, but–if no one has ever told you these things and you weren’t brought up in a PC household or had a PC patron growing up–how exactly do you know these things except through article or happenstance?! JUST A PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE!

      • I’d also like to add that a low resource RAM BOOSTER can be great for freeing up RAM situationally. If you have very, very limited resources and want to use a program that will HOG your resources. Then, you will need untaxed resources or it will very soon crash! Try running Firefox on a 256 DDR rig and you’ll know this firsthand. For most of you, this wouldn’t be an issue, because you likely have a 1 GB or more and could simply limit your open programs/processes in the Task Manager. However, if you only have 256 and possibly 512 MB RAM, then you may need a program to free up RAM so that you have it for the program that you are about to use.

  4. I installed ramrush and now i cant erased it. It refuses until i shut it off somewhere. TALK ABOUT CRAPWEAR you out. Help me root out tis little tweeker


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