How To Close or Minimize Sticky Notes without Deleting Them in Windows 7 and 10


Sticky Notes is a popular Windows built-in app that allows users to take notes using Post-it-Note-like windows on their desktops. According to a Microsoft employee, there were 8-million monthly Sticky Notes users as of April 2016. It appears as a desktop application in Windows 7, Windows 8 but has become a modern universal app in Windows 10 Anniversary Update. However, despite the different in form factor, both of the apps look and work more or less the same. The only noticeable difference is that you can set different colors for each sticky notes in Windows 10 version.

Windows 10 - Sticky Notes

That said, you still won’t be able to quickly figure out how to close out the Sticky Notes without deleting them. The little minimize icon is still nowhere to be found in the app’s window. Is it even possible closing Sticky Notes without losing all my notes?

The trick is fairly easy. Thanks to IntoWindows for pointing it out.

To close Sticky Notes app without losing all my notes, simply press Alt + F4. It’s the keyboard shortcut known for closing any active application. Note that there is still no way you can close single sticky note without deleting it.

Keyboard - Alt F4

And to minimize the Sticky Notes app, just click its icon on the taskbar once. It will minimize the app right away.

Sticky Notes taskbar icon

If you feel the built-in Sticky Notes app not good enough, check out these alternatives.



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