How To Convert A Dynamic Disk Storage Back To Basic Without Losing Any Data in Windows 7


Basic storage uses normal partition tables supported by all Windows versions right from MS-Dos, while a Dynamic disk storage has the feature that basic disks do not have, such as support for volumes spanning multiple disks, RAID 1 or RAID 5 disk arrays. It was introduced to give those who want disk redundant but couldn’t afford the hardware cost. Since the hardware array components are getting cheaper and cheaper, the use of dynamic storage has become less and less. But Windows 7 still supports it and you can benefit from it greatly.


The downside of using Dynamic storage is that once the disk converted to Dynamic and being partitioned and used it can not be converted back to Basic without losing data, as the Convert to Basic Disk option will be grayed out once it’s been used. You will need a 3rd party tool to break it, for example, EASEUS Partition Master.

The Home Edition of EASEUS Partition Manager, which is FREE for home use, provides a feature that can easily convert a being used Dynamic disk back to Basic disk without losing any data that are stored on the disk.

To convert, simply download the software and install it on your computer. The downloading and installation process is very easy and straightforward. Just follow the wizard and you will be fine.

Then, launch the program, which scans and lists all partitions that are available, whether it’s dynamic or basic.

Right-click on the Dynamic Disk you would like to convert and choose Convert to basic disk.


Click on Apply button at the bottom right side of the window.


Click on Yes button in the popup message box.


Click on Yes button in the next window to agree to reboot the computer to perform the operation. You should save and close all other applications you still have open in case of losing any data.


The computer then will be rebooted and the EASEUS Partition Master will launch itself automatically and perform all the changes.


Depending on how big the partition you are converting, it may take a long time to get the job done. Once it’s finished, it will reboot again to your Windows 7 desktop.


Finally, congratulation, you have successfully converted your long-used dynamic disk back to basic disk.

It looks fairly easy, doesn’t it?




  1. I have an 800GB partition that I stupidly converted to Simple Volume, which took only a few seconds. How long will it take to convert it back to Basic?

  2. hi sir my laptop hard disk partition is go to dynamic. how to change basic with out data lossing plz help me…….

  3. Thank you so much for this! Very easy to understand instructions and very easy to use program, not to mention its free. Thanks again!

  4. Finally I found a way, thanks! 😀 But can I convert a partition from dynamic to basic on which the operating system is installed on (Local disk C), without losing or damaging the OS?

  5. most of the easeus editions are trial or shareware versions. they don’t work so far as you mentioned in the post.

  6. Just downloaded the Free version of EaseUS Partition Master and it will NOT do any disk conversions UNLESS I BUY the professional version!!! Free my ass! Liars! Hate bait ‘n switch companies.

  7. I tried to get this program. The company says they no longer offer the home edition. Only pay for editions and trial edition. All their current editions let you choose to convert it but then will tell you you have to pay $60 and up to do it. In all editions I tried, If you don’t activate the software by purchasing it, it will not complete the conversion. So this program will not do this for free any more and $60 is way too much to pay for one time use of this program.


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