[How To] Disable and Enable Task Manager in Windows 7


Task Manager is a very useful tool when it comes to monitoring and troubleshooting, and because it’s so powerful, sometimes you as an IT guy may not want your users to be able to open it.

You can control it through group policy if you are in a corporate network managed by Active Directory. But you can also disable/enable it through the registry tweak. Here is how.

To block a particular user from opening task manager

1. Log in as this user first.

2. Click Start menu and type regedit, and then press Enter to open the registry editor.

3. Navigate to the following registry key:


4. Double-click DisableTaskMgr entry in the right panel, create one if it’s not there.

5. Set the value data to 1 to disable the task manager. Set to 0 if you want to re-enable it.

The change takes effect right away. Now you will see the Start Task Manager is greyed out.


And you can’t launch it from the command line either, as it will tell you


To block all users from opening task manager

1. Log in as a user who has local administrator rights.

2. Open the registry editor.

3. Navigate to the following registry key.


And do the same step 4 and 5 as above.



  1. For Enable or Disable the Task Manager

    Open The Registry Editor.

    Then Navigate To.

    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionPoliciesSystem

    In the Key Double Click on the ‘DisableTaskMgr’ Key

    Type the Value ‘0’ in the Key.

    This will Enable Task Manager.

    Or type the Value ‘1’ for Disable Task Manager

    OR Simply Download any application from internet To Enable Task Manager.

    Here is the Link for One Application called ‘Task Manager Fixer’.

    This is very tiny application & Take just one click for enable or Disable

    Here is the Link for Application



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