How to Easily Change Default Putty Color scheme


If you ever need to access a Linux or Mac machine from your Windows environment, often times you will using a protocol called SSH. The best way to SSH from Windows to Linux is to use a program called Putty. There are other tools out there that does similar job, but Putty is by far the most popular tools out there. The only thing I personally dislike very much about this program is the build in default color scheme for directory and filename highlighting. Especially when the default color for display a directory is dark blue and the background color is in black, makes it very difficult to read.

Of course you can change those color through the Putty setting configuration the build-in tweaking just wasn’t enough, and it’s also hard to use, not user friendly.

Fortunately there are some windows registry tweak you can add to make your putty instantly look like a pro user’s terminal. You can download the Solarized Putty color scheme here. It comes with two version, one dark and one light version. Download the registry and install it by double click.

Once you have done both, open up Putty, you should be able to find two additional list under “Saved Sessions”. Click load or double click to launch a new Putty session with the new custom color.


Putty Before.


Putty, after the new color remake.


It looks a lot nicer. And the best thing is if you can go to the github project, and view all the color code they have used. Feel free to change it yourself.


Check out this Putty Color Solarized project on Github, to make your Putty more prettier.



  1. What do you mean “install by double click” I have see the reg files but only text, there is nothing to download and put in the folder HKEY CURRENT USER/ SOFTWARE/PuTTY/Sessions

    please help

    • you will need copy the text and save it as .reg file. double click on that save .reg file and it will be updated on the registry !


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