How To Mute Windows Notification Sound on Windows 10


Windows 10 is great, I love the new UX. Microsoft has done a great job in delivering all the new features, but there is just one thing that’s annoying me. Windows 10, has NO mute option on the new Notification tray. At least the latest version of Windows 10 that I’m running on build 10586, version 1511, it doesn’t offer any option in the new Settings app to turn off notification sound.

This is extremely troublesome and unintuitive, especially if you have an app spamming you by constantly sending notification updates. The option is either turn the notification completely off or have the notification come in along with the sound.

Why Not A Mute Notification Option, Microsoft ?

Prior writing this post, I’ve seen some previous preview build had this option but some how this is removed? Any how, if you want to mute the notification sound there is still a way to do this even if Microsoft doesn’t provide the option to mute.


Go to Start > Sound

Find the Sounds tab > scroll down to the Program Events and find Notification. Select the option, then under which sound it makes change the Windows Notify System Generic to (none).



Make sure save and Apply the settings. Now your Windows 10 will still be able to receive all the notification, but it will be silent and quiet. Problem solved.




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