How To Natively Trim and Split Video in Windows 10


In Windows 10, if you want to trim or split your video into multiple parts you can now do it natively without any additional third-party tools. It’s a feature existed in the Photos & Videos app, instead of Movies & TV. Depending on your default settings, a video might be opened in Movies & TV app by default. This app doesn’t do anything other than playing and render the video you have selected. To view and edit the video, you need to open the video in another app called Photos & Videos.

You can select the video and go to Open (or right-click Open with …) > Photos & Videos

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This will render the video in a different app, very similar to Movies & TV. Only this time, the app will have additional controls on the top navigation menu. Notice that there is an icon Trim if it’s rendering a video. To split or trim a given video just click “Trim” and use the handle to select the range of your new video clip.

2017 08 21 0022 - How To Natively Trim and Split Video in Windows 10

In my case, I’d like to split the 56 minutes video into two parts, roughly 28 minutes each. Use the handle from the timeline to narrow down the range of the video clip. To split the first part we want to keep the beginning until somewhere in the middle of the clip.

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Once you are done selecting the range, click “Save a copy” to create a split or trimmed version of your original video. Don’t worry this will save as a new copy, your original video will not be modified.

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From there, if you’d wish to split the remaining part, repeat the same step only this time to select the timeline range handle from the beginning and drag it where you have previously ended the first part of the video.

This is how to split and trim video completely with native built-in Windows 10 apps without any third-party tools from the internet or the Windows Store. Next time when you need to do a quick video editing, think before you start looking for apps to do this. Chances are, Microsoft already ships a tool that just does what you need!


  1. On my system, “Open With…” only displays “Photos”, not “Photos and Videos”, but selecting that still works the same as you described. (Except for .mpg files, which do not offer the “Photos” option, and “Photos” isn’t listed in the full list of “Choose another app”. Codec maybe?).

    Also fun, the Draw tool works on videos. The drawing appears for about 2 seconds of the video playback. Now I wish they had included a Text tool.

    • You have to move the white ball markers from the ends to create a new clip. I had the same issue until I tried that… Its not obvious since they show you a gray marker for which I still do not know the purpose.

  2. This powerful MP4 trimmer can cut files in any format like MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, VOB, DV, FLV, RMVB, AVCHD, MPEG, M2TS, etc. In addition, there are various output options to let you keep the original file format or convert it to other format.

    • Why in the everloving hell would something as easy as splitting a video with one click be “upgraded” to a process that takes 4-5 clicks, 2 of which occur after having to find the exact spot as the other. .For a long video with many cuts… This is beyond arduous.


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