Please Power Down And Connect The PCIe Power Cables: Fixed on Windows 11


While using your computer, did you run into the message Please power down and connect the PCIe cables? Most times, this message indicates a power mismatch for your graphics card. You may experience a sudden crash before you get this error message.

This is a problem some of our readers have encountered, and we will help you walk through fixing it in this comprehensive guide.

1. Change the Power Connection for the Graphics Card

Changing the power connection that goes into your graphics card is essential when you change your graphics card. This is because a less powerful power cable may have powered the old graphics card, hence a mismatch for the new unit.

If you also purchased a new power supply, ensure it powers your graphics card directly. If you do not know how the internal workings of your PC are done, you may have to seek help from a technician.

2. Power the Graphics Card with a PCIe connector, not a CPU Connector

The problem with powering your graphics card is that the CPU connector looks very similar to the PCIe connector in most instances. In fact, it may fit properly and click, but it would not have enough power to run it.

3. Ensure all the Connectors are Making Contact

When you get the error message: Please power down and connect the PCIe power cables, you should check for contact. This is even more important if you use a spit connector.

Even though you have used the correct kind of connectors, there are chances that some pins have not made contact. You may need to reconnect them inverted. Once there is proper contact, the power problem should be solved.

4. Upgrade your Power Supply

In the past, you would have gotten away with 250 or 400 Watts, but more recent graphics cards require much more power, and you will keep experiencing the problem until you upgrade to a newer and more powerful power supply.

You should note that some graphics cards will now require as much as 1000 watts.

What Are PCIe Power Cables, and Why Are They Necessary?

We have discussed the video card problem, and most solutions refer to your connector or cables. You may be wondering what these PCIe cables are.

These cables supply power from the PSU (Power Supply Unit) to a PCIe device, such as graphics cards, sound cards, and expansion cards.

In most cases, these devices will have a higher requirement than the motherboard can supply through the PCIe slot. With PCIe cables, the needed devices get the required power and can function optimally.

You should know more about your Graphics card to know what connectors it may need.

Please Power Down And Connect The PCIe Power Cables: Fixed

You should have successfully fixed the power and video card problem with the solutions we have explored. All the solutions would require some technical knowledge, so you may also consider contacting a technician if you have no experience with opening up a computer.


Is it safe to connect PCIe power cables while my computer is running?

No, while your computer is operating, connecting or unplugging PCIe power cords is unsafe. Always turn off your system entirely before performing any hardware modifications to protect your components and your safety.

How do I know if my device requires PCIe power cables?

To determine if your equipment needs PCIe power cords, look up the specs or consult the user manual. Furthermore, your device probably needs more power from PCIe cables if you experience performance problems or error warnings about low power.


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