Where are Windows 10 Default Wallpapers Saved


The wallpapers that come with Windows 10 are exactly quite well-done. Some of them are even breath-taking when setting up in a dual-monitor system. If you are obsessed with them and want to use them elsewhere, here is where you can find them in native format.


Let’s open File Explorer (press Win + E) and navigate to the following location:


There are three folders existed in this place containing Windows 10 default wallpapers.

Windows 10 Wallpaper location

The 4K folder contains all images used for Windows Hero Images in various sizes for different size of monitors and those utilized in the portrait mode. They’re all in high-definition format.

Windows 10 Wallpaper - 4k

The Screen folder includes all the images used for Lock Screen. If you are using Spotlight feature which offers a lot more stunning images for your Lock Screen, you can use this trick to find and download them for your own use.

Windows 10 - wallpaper - screen

The Wallpaper folder is where we are looking for. It contains the collections of wallpapers that have been installed on your system, including the ones that come from Windows 10 and ones installed by the desktop/laptop vendor. You can find the ones that come from Windows 10 in Windows 10 folder.

Windows 10 wallpapers

Lastly, to change and set a different desktop wallpaper, you can either right-click the image that you want to use and choose “Set as desktop background” or right-click the empty area on the desktop and go to Personalize, which opens the Personalize section in Settings app.

Settings - Personalization - Background




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