Windows 7 Test Drive



Microsoft has launched Windows 7 Test Drive aimed to both IT Professionals and Developers to help them experience the genuine Windows 7 instantly without having to set up their own test lab. It’s actually pretty helpful to anyone who are interesting in learning Windows 7 in depth.

A Test Drive is a virtual lab built on Hyper-V technology that lets you test and assess Windows 7 right from your browser (IE). Each virtual lab focuses on one specific topic or feature with detailed step-by-step walkthrough videos in the Learn More resources. And there is a collection of full-featured virtual labs ready on Test Drive for you to test.

Each lab that focuses on one specific feature has a brief instruction with three options for you to choose, from taking a test drive to learn more from the videos.


Clicking Test Drive will bring up Microsoft Virtual Labs in new Window, and you can launch the Virtual Lab by clicking the launch button at the bottom of the page.


After one minute or two of preparing the virtual environment, the actual virtual lab pops up in a new window.


When you are in the lab, you can connect to the server from the server list on the left panel in Remote Desktop Connection Manager. And finish up the tasks listed on the right panel in the lab once you get into the server. Note that, you will need to close the user agreement word document before seeing the desktop.


And you can end lab from the Menu button at the top right corner of the page.

Overall, it’s a very well-organized and informative resources that also provide you hands-on experience how Windows 7 looks like. Because the site is designed for IT Professionals and Developers, the content on the site is quite advanced. So if you are interested in learning more Windows 7 in depth with the professionals, take a deep dive into it, without even thinking of building up your own test environment.

So let’s take a test drive, and enjoy.



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