How To Ensure Windows 10 Mail App Always Download Images In Email


With the latest Windows Insider build 15014, Microsoft has added its built-in Mail app pinned to the Taskbar. This is not by mistake, it’s Microsoft’s effort of trying to push users to try its latest and greatest built-in apps. In this case, their method worked for me. I generously tried out the Mail app, perhaps for the first time. It works pretty well, but there is one problem I encounter, that is for some reason some emails don’t always download messages and images automatically.

Windows 10 Mail App

As an example, I was checking out this eBay deals email, however, nothing is shown when clicking the email. All it says is

“Download message and pictures (80.6 KB)”

A link you have to click to allow Mail app to download all the images and rest of the content.

This is what the email suppose to be seen like.

Obviously, there is no need to save any bandwidth for not loading images in an email. After all, this is a desktop app, and internet usage should be the least concern if the intention is to save bandwidth. The reason why Microsoft choose to do this out of the box is unknown. What’s known is that we can fix this.

The setting for allowing images and pictures to be downloaded automatically in an email is very hidden. First, you need to go the left menu, click “Accounts“, then the right menu slide in. Click Outlook (your email address) to additional settings.

Here under “Change mailbox sync settings

Make sure enable “Always download full message and Internet images” and Click Done.

If the Mail app still doesn’t work the way after the settings have been applied, try to restart the machine. If not, chances are there is a bug somewhere in the Windows Insider preview. Hopefully, in the future version of Windows releases Microsoft will address this issue prior rolling out to the mainstream updates. In the end, if you have experience images not fully downloaded with Microsoft’s Mail app in Windows 10 this is one of the ways to try to fix it.


  1. This doesn’t work and even turning the computer off and restarting doesn’t help.. It is time to move to Apple.


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